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What's/Where's/Who's The Point?

And then there was Chris Quinn.

For now, that's all the Miami Heat has at point guard behind returning starter Mario Chalmers. A team that Chris Quinn long has needed another dose of depth at the position instead got a departure.

With Wednesday's confirmation that second-round draft pick Pat Beverley has signed to play next season for Greek power Olympiakos, the Heat now has as many point guards as the Miami Hurricanes have scholarship quarterbacks. There's Chalmers and Quinn (right).

On the surface, it appears Heat president Pat Riley has essentially blown that $1.5 million the team forked over to the Los Angeles Lakers on draft night to acquire Beverley. Yes, the Heat still maintains Beverley's rights, and the expectation is that he will be brought back a year from now when Quinn's contract expires.

Beverley wasn't going to be a sure-fire answer to get the Heat's backcourt rotation over the hump this season. That type of job should - and needs - to fall into the hands of a veteran, either through a late summer free agency pickup or trade prior to the Sept. 28 start of training camp.

By now, you're familiar with the names still out there.

Over here, there's proven and presumably pricier options such as Allen Iverson and Jamaal Tinsley. But neither, despite what they say, would come into the fold and simply bow down to the much younger and far less accomplished Chalmers. Over there, you've got the salvage-what's-left-of-their-careers crew consisting of well traveled Bobby Jackson, Brevin Knight, Ty Lue, Flip Murray, Jason Hart and so on. And beyond that, there are long-standing restricted free agents in the form of Nate Robinson and Ramon Sessions.

You're probably thinking what I'm thinking. That Riley has to make a move at this point. That he wouldn't have stamped Beverley's boarding pass to Europe without the intention of landing some veteran help.

That is unless there's an unexpected wild card in play, some form of relief already on the roster. The only other in-Cook dribblehouse option that comes to mind would be Daequan Cook (below left). But if you recall, the backup shooting guard was a disaster in that brief stint when he was pressed into point guard duty a while back. Maybe he's improved. Cook, last season's 3-PT Shootout Champion at All-Star Weekend, spent the bulk of this offseason running pick-and-roll sets and working on his ball-handling. And that might be his best path to steady playing time, considering the roster crowd at shooting guard and small forward.

But that can't be the plan, can it? Therein lies the story of this puzzling offseason for the Heat. As the start of training camp approaches a month from now, there continues to be a lot more questions than answers. You have to believe that Miami can only get to the point of this problem by eventually addressing the problem at the point.

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PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! Just sign Iverson already!!! I mean damn it's a NO-BRAINER. Even if you lose you win.

Agree, the best option at this point is AI hands down.

Memphis offered AI a contract today. The Heat better not blow this. Get AI down here. Wade needs all the help he can get and this team has nothing to lose.

Chris Quinn, like Dorell Wright and soon Michael Beasley should be the last people that come to the minds of the coaching staff regarding filling out the starting 5. Chris Quinn and Dorell Wright are the two worse players to ever put on a Heat uniform and set foot on an NBA court for that matter. Neither would be in the league if it werent for the Heat. Michael Beasley is quickly making a case for being mentioned in the same breath... he is just an average player folks, face it. I am a Heat fan as well and I have admitted to this long before he was drafted.

The Heat need to get rid of Wright and Queeny right now and either bring back the quality rooks they sent oversees or fill those spots with other players that will surely be better.

I think AI , if he doesn't start would cause coaching problems and be a pain in the ass. He will probably sign with either Memphis or Charlotte where he can be THE man again. I think the REAL no brainer is Jamaal Tinsley, he knows he is messed up, he isnt 34 or 36, he is just 31. Still at least 4 or 5 years of productivity left considering its the point guard position. I also don't think Tinsley would want to start making demands for starting considering no one else wants to sign him because of the problems he caused in Indiana. He will be on his best behavior. He played ALOT with Jermaine and you know what, he is the only real no-brainer. Sign Tinsley.

i think much better if we sign FLIP MURRAY he can be a mentor to CHALMERS at the same he is a solid back-up point guard...we can get him easy and cheaper... also make a trade to; MAGLOIRE, JONES, COOK, & QUINN for (MEMPHIS)

MW - "Over here, there's proven and presumably pricier options such as Allen Iverson and Jamaal Tinsley. But neither, despite what they say, would come into the fold and simply bow down to the much younger and far less accomplished Chalmers. Over there, you've got the salvage-what's-left-of-their-careers crew consisting of well traveled Bobby Jackson, Brevin Knight, Ty Lue, Flip Murray, Jason Hart and so on. "


How about none of the above?

Because that's what Riley would probably say about the latter "choices" vs. none.

OTOH, there are a couple of Western Conference teams with a surplus of points potentially available via trade.

Riley has always liked Steve Blake. McMillian remains a Blake fan --- but you don't pay Andre Miller $20m to sit.

There are a number of ways -- and pieces -- to work a deal for Blake (or even Bayless/Fernandez, if Riley's interested in yet another point project). Blake for James Jones, for example, would work straight-up (except POR already has a glut of tweener Fs). Or, they could mix & match several expiring contracts (Blake, Oden, Outlaw, Aldridge, Fernandez, Bayless, Beasley, Haslem, Diawara, Wright, O'Neal) into a larger deal.

Ditto Golden State for points aplenty, though the options are more problematic -- Ellis, Curry, Claxton, Law -- and *expensive* (only Claxton & Law have expiring contracts).

If Riley has a "point", it's probably the pointlessness of adding the aged, perpetually infirmed or celebrity misfit just to add them. If there are slottable, available *and* doable options via trade, I trust Riley will find them.

"I think the REAL no brainer is Jamaal Tinsley..."


But what does Tinsley really want?

I agree Tinsley could be a cleaner fit, or at least a much better fit than someone like A.I. Tinsley is also fairly close to Chalmers in size/build, is adept at p/roll offense, has the skillset to mentor/improve Rio's offense, was a fair-to-good defender when healthy.

But he wasn't happy backing TJ Ford so it's hard to say how Tinsley's brain might affected be staring at Rio's bootie.

Tinsley didn't back up anybody last year because he didn't play. I doubt he'd have a problem being a back up when he wasn't even playing in Indiana. The problem is that we all saw how much 1 year off hurt Marbury and Marbury was way more talented. Tinsley isn't a great shooter and he really isn't much of a scorer, he's just a really good facilitator. The best option would be if AI accepted a back up role. After him I'd go with Flip because he can score and is accustomed to coming off the bench. He'd help Wade handle the scoring load as will JO and hopefuly Beasley. This team could be pretty good if we bring in a quality back up point guard.

Tinsley or Flip Murray.

Posted by: joey_k | August 27, 2009 at 07:28 AM - "I doubt he'd have a problem being a back up when he wasn't even playing in Indiana."



Indy Star, ***AUGUST 7, 2008***, AFTER the trade for TJ Ford, BEFORE the start of the 2008-09 season [ ]:

"Tinsley, he's probably outlived his welcome here," [Indiana Pacers co-owner Herb Simon] said. "He's a very talented player. Teams will give us a hard time because they know it's better for him and for us to have him play somewhere else. We're confident that we'll find a good place."

Team president Larry Bird said in a radio interview last month he doesn't believe in buying out contracts and that the player should "stay at home" if they can't trade him. The Pacers are trying to move Tinsley, who played in just 39 games last season. Tinsley is working out in Atlanta and continues to shed some of the 20 pounds he gained while sitting out most of the second half of the season.

"We think he's too talented of a player to not play again, but he's better off somewhere else," Simon said when asked again about the possibility of Tinsley staying away from the team if they can't trade him. "We're going to do everything we can to help him out because he needs a new chance, but it's going to have to be somewhere else. I think he'll do a great job wherever he goes."

Tinsley = disgruntled, with OR without P/T last year.


Posted by: joey_k | August 27, 2009 at 07:28 AM - "Tinsley isn't a great shooter and he really isn't much of a scorer, he's just a really good facilitator."


So WHO said he was?

NO ONE called Tinsley a "great" or even good shooter. NO ONE called Tinsley a "great" scorer either.

As mentioned earlier, Tinsley DOES have solid command of the p/roll offense which made JO'Neal what he "was"; still has the experience/skillset that could improve Rio's ability to attack/penetrate p/roll defenses and, as a result, make life somewhat easier for Wade (and O'Neal).


Posted by: joey_k | August 27, 2009 at 07:28 AM - "The best option would be if AI accepted a back up role."


Wow. You know, that option has never occurred to ANYONE before. Thanks for sharing.

Nobody would have a problem with Iverson the backup.

EXCEPT Iverson.

Plus, even IF AI were willing to accept bench minutes, Iverson has NEVER been an efficient "scorer" or "shooter." In *point of fact* -- QUITE THE OPPOSITE, i.e. NOT much better than Tinsley.

Tinsley's last full season (2008): PER 15.2, FGA/game 12, FG% 39%, 3PT% 32%, Percent of team touches (Usg%) 24%, Ast% 39%, TOV% 17%, DRtg 105.

Iverson's last fullseason (2009): PER 15.8, FGA/game 16, FG% 42%, 3PT% 28%, percent of team touches (Usg%) 26%, Ast% 23%, TOV% 13%, DRtg 109.

(all player data from

Does our 3rd pt guard position reallly matter? We're an average team with or without the bench 3rd string pt guard.

No to Iverson. No to Tinsley. No to all the other useless scrubs who are has-never-beens.

Lets just go through the formality of 2009 and prepare for 2010. Put Spo on a shorter leash. Get Beasley off the bench.

Kermit and Fuzzy Bear masterminded 9-11. Learn the truth.

Miami needs A.I.
Pat Riley stop doing nothing in LA.
And,Mickey Arison stop being afraid to spend your Billions.
They want fans to come to games and spend our hard earned money to see:
Chris Quinn.
I will stay home.

Why is Chris Quinn even on the roster? AI is out of work and Quinn has a job? What is the NBA coming to?

Heatstroked you're an idiot. What I was saying was that Tinsley never even played last year, those 39 games were in 07- 08 so he shouldn't have a problem with getting a role as a back up. Then I said even if we did get him and he was ok with coming off the bench I doubt he could be a good player just by looking at how a year off affected Marbury. And you can't compare AI to Tinsley no matter how many stats you throw out there. Tinsley can't take over a game nor can he attack the rim and get players in foul trouble like AI. Tinsley isn't much better of a defender and he can't get as many steals. I know AI has a problem with coming off the bench right now but that can change. If he doesn't change his mind we can try to get Flip Murray who has been playing that role his whole career.

BTW no stat tells the real story behind a player. Zach Randolph, Chris Bosh and Amare Stoudamire all put up similar numbers to Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett but they don't come close to having the impact that those 2 do.

bobby's world baby!!!! get bobby jackson he is money!

we should sign vet.point guard= MURRAY,F. as leader & mentor for our young point guards...
(ufa) he's cheaper too...

we trade: HASLEM, QUINN, JAMES,J. & COOK...
to (portland) for: ALDRIDGE, OUTLAW & BLAKE...

to (memphis) for: GASOL, MARC & ARTHUR,D.

and: O'NEAL,J...
to (charlotte) for: WALLACE,G. & DIAW + cash consideration...

also acquire for 1yr contract...

the line-up would be...

SG wade / q-rich
PG chalmers / blake / murray
SF wallace,g. / outlaw / arthur
PF beasley / diaw / randolph,s.
C aldridge / gasol,m. / anthony,j.

we dont need another SUPERSTAR here to be a contender team..., rather than we need anybody to back-up our ONE TRUE STAR...
hey PAT do this!!! let it happen!!!
we believe in YOU!!!

I MEAN, WE SIGN MURRAY TO SOLIDIFY OUR POINT GUARD POSITION NOT TO MENTOR (young point guards there above) since we made trade to BLAKE... HE IS ALREADY 29 I GUESS...

{WARRIORS) JACKSON wants to be traded & ELLIS might have conflict to point guard position to STEPHEN CURRY... so what if we do trades:



and: we sign (ufa)
MURRAY,FLIP to solidify pg position...

line-up would be:

SG wade / q-rich
PG chalmers/ellis/ murray
SF jackson/outlaw/wright,b.
PF beasley/randolph,a.
C aldridge/biedrins/anthony,j


HEAT, PAT RILEY is looking to NEW JERSEY NETS for DOOLING-ALSTON trade... PAT most likely to take ALSTON-CONTRACT... so, the trade would be like this:


to new jersey nets: RAFER ALSTON & COURTNEY LEE...

we sign, UFA-PORTLAND:


SG wade / lee,c.

PG chalmers / alston

SF beasley / q-rich / wright,d.

PF haslem / *randolph, s. / diawara

C o'neal,j. / anthony,j. / magloire

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