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Pat on the ('09) Prowl

You really didn't think Riley was going to stand pat, did you?

The woe-is-me, wait-and-see approach isn't really his thing. It just isn't. He admitted as much during a Ron Artest recent meeting in his office at AmericanAirlines Arena.

No, the Heat isn't in financial position to be big spenders - or middle-class spenders, for that matter - in this summer's free agent market. But Riley's best work is often done on the recruiting trail and making moves where they don't seem to exist.

Amid several calls that have gone out the past two days to free agents have been two placed directly to Ron Artest (pictured right) and Allen Iverson. The Heat hasn't centered its focus on those two players by any stretch. An all talks are in the preliminary, exploratory, meet-and-greet stages. 

But the fact that Riley is swinging for the fences - or even bunting amid a financial squeeze - suggests two things: The Heat is being far more aggressive on the free-agent/trade front this summer than it suggested. And that could also mean another thing: That it wants to be in position to pounce on a blockbuster deal if Dwyane Wade in fact signs that extension this summer when he's eligible on July 12.

But even if Wade doesn't sign, the Heat still needs to make a move or two to upgrade a roster that relied so heavily on youth last season. Even if Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers and Daequan Cook improve, and Jermaine O'Neal and James Jones are healthy, and Wade picks up where he left off last season, the Heat might still be the No. 5 seed in the East - as is. At best.

Iverson-Action From a check of league sources Thursday, there is certainly mutual interest between the Heat and both Iverson (pictured left) and Artest. The Heat has been after these two before. But this may be the easiest path Riley has ever had to either one of them. Both are on the open market. Iverson can come  with no strings attached - aside from a potential luxury-tax hit - if he's willing to sacrifice a couple million and a year on a contract. Artest will likely require sign-and-trade help, because Houston would be foolish to let him walk away without getting anything back.

Yes, there are still Chris Bosh dreams and Amare Stoudemire potential realities out there for Miami, which is still operating to maintain flexibility for 2010 in the event Wade doesn't extend and opts for free agency. But the Heat is active on the free-agency front, the sign-and-trade front and the improve the roster now front.

That Don't-Spend-Till-2010 mantra now seems to coincide with a Find-Something-In-2009 option.

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blah blah blah.This is only to make wade happy for the next 10 days and then boom nothing happens.

Riley: offered AI vet minimun and he rejected
Riley: lowball artest and he rejected

Riley: wade look we tried to get you some help,but they opted to sign elsewhere.It aint like we tried our best,but at least we tried

Wade: you didnt try hard enough sorry ......Wade walks in 2010 and sign with chicago

Heat franchise lottery bound for the next 5 years

Wade: you didnt try hard enough sorry ......Wade walks in 2010 and sign with chicago

Heat franchise lottery bound for the next 5 years

Posted by: queen james

DUDE, we just won a title 3 yrs ago, won from 96-01, 1 down yr and we were back as a 5 seed last yr. Are u on crack? why come on here if U say dumb stuff like that. ??

I am a huge Heat fan and I trust Riley. What this looks like to me is a PR campaign to the fans and Wade to make it look like the Heat are trying to do something. In realty, I don't expect us to do anything dramatic this summer. Riley has been planning on being a major player in 2010 free agency for several years. If he waited this long, what is 1 more year? The only scenario where I see the Heat changing this strategy is if guys like Amare and Bosh get traded to teams that they will sign extensions on. In that scenario there may be nobody worth waiting on until 2010 and you will start to see Riley attempt to trade expiring contracts to teams with very good players on long term contracts looking to shed salary. An example of this were the Jefferson and Carter trades last week.

It is rare for players to sacrifice money to play at a particular location. I don't see either stepping out of the norm.


You avoid the question. Are you an engineer or did you study engineering as a major / minor?

Kermit and Fuzzy masterminded 9/11. Learn the truth.

You know what would be great? Beasley and Blount for Chris Bosh....Sign Allen Ivverson to a 2 year deal at the mid level like 4 mil per season, Trade James Jones, Wright, and Quinn, and a 2nd round pick 2010 to the rockets for artest with a contract of 3 years 30 million dollars (the rockets get young wright, expiring contract in quinn, and james jones with a team option in 2010 but also a bench player and a 2nd round pick which you never know).....and all of this leads to wade signing an extension this summer.....leaving us with a line up of:



Hmmmm....Prettyyyyy pretttyyyyy good

yeah he is on crack...crack head

Iverson is not a PG and Bosh is not a center.

Well Artest is going to the Lakers so the rich get richer. Even more reason to wait until 2010 because no matter what moves we do this summer we are not going to be better than LA assuming they re-sign Odom.

IA? going to Miami? You've got yo be kidding Me.
I'm a Michigander But A HUGE HEAT FAN!. IA? Do You know what He did in Detroit as a Piston? NOTHING!! Do We need a selfish Player on the roster? He will Have Bis Issues With D.W. No Questions there! And He will create ( Just like He did Here) A bad atmosphere on the Team. He IS NOT A TEAM PLAYER.

DON you couldnt be more dumber.Go back and read what i said again.I said heat loses wade in 2010 and the heat go back to the lottery.Take a look at what happened when wade had two surgeries and tell me where the heat end up

How does Artest get a 3 year 18 mill deal when people like Mark Blunt garbage asss making so much more???? If I was Artest that would make me sick to my stomach!! Who signed mr slump?? he should be taken to an arabian country and rocked lol

artest said he would play for lakers for little to no money so there you have it.When the franchise is great,you get to pay little for talent

I find it amusing that the Lakers' and Cavs' approach to keeping their superstars are to win it all now.

Our approach is ... hire a 1st yr coach who benches our developing superstar and hopes for the best in 2010.

Something is wrong here ...

Wade and AI couldn't play in the same backcourt. They both need the ball to be effective. There would be the biggest tug of war for the ball that anyone has ever seen.

The heat isn't the only team after Bosh, and a trade with MB and Blount isn't going to do it, would you make that trade if you were Toronto. Houston is a contender, they aren't going to take Heat leftovers for Artest. That's just a bumb trade.

As for Wade he has 30 million reason to stay here. That's how much more the Heat can offer over the life of a max contract than any other team.

"DON you couldnt be more dumber."

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha (gasp) ahahahahahahaha


The HEAT should do 3 things this offseason:
1. Haslem for Travis Outlaw-we get a good SF that can score while Portland get a veteran with championship experiences.
2. Sign Session NOW before any other team gets to him...The dude averaged 12 points and 5.3 assists in 27 minutes..He can be our future PG sign him for 6 million per year.
3. Trade chalmers for Deandre Jordan. The Clippers need a young PG. BD is washed up.
PG:Session/Beverley SG:Wade/Cook SF:Outlaw/James Jones PF:B-easy/O'Neal C:Deandre/O'Neal

To everyone who talks about trading Haslem,

When other teams talk trade and come up with a wish list of players, Haslem's name never ever comes up. There is a reason why. Think about that the next time you propose your trade scenarios.

pug nail it.We shouldn have traded haslem for hedo a season ago when orlando was willing to trade hedo for haslem straight up.Hey haslem has a good heart lol

i mean we should have traded haslem for hedo

wade why you dont want to sign said the truth be honest if you want to leave talk to pat riley

You guys are dumb! The reason D.Wade doesn't sign the extension now is because is a BAD business decision on his part. Oh and you guys can forget about us getting C.Bosh, the Raptors just got turk and watch out for them they are going to be dangerous! If Heat rosters stay the same we are at best 6 or 7th seed which is backpedaling from last year's accomplishments.

wade is not leaving Miami for Chicago , 2nd, HHHAAAAAA they just lost their best scoring option. Would have been a lotto team w/o gordon ,and ROSE Cant hit a bucket the size of the ocean if he is the main scorer. Good luck to the lotto bulls next yr. MArk it down. LOTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I've read a lot of worst case scenarios. How about a best-case scenario...


Heat resign Wade.
LeBron James comes to Miami.
Shaq follows him down and takes a one year, 4 mil deal.
Beasley develops into an AllStar.

Miami wins the next three NBA championships.

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