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Is it Odom or Bust for Heat?

As the Lamar Odom sweepstakes turn, it appears that the Heat's recruitment team of president Pat Riley and star guard Dwyane Wade has taken the sales pitches to Los Angeles. Riley-Lookingup

Word is that Riley took a flight out to Southern California late last week (where he maintains a home), and Wade followed with his second trip out west in as many weeks, arriving last night.

Both men presumably have other business and personal reasons for the trip. But it's not beyond the realm of possibility that they might also squeeze in some one-on-one time with Odom. Wade created another Twitter frenzy last night when he tweeted - and joked, perhaps - that he was in L.A. to bring Odom back to Miami.

This situation appears to be coming to a head within the next 24-48 hours. But even as this episode drags on, you have to wonder what happens with the Heat if Odom stays with the Lakers. If Plan L.O. goes up in smoke, is there a Plan B?

By offering Odom the full mid-level contract, Miami has already shown that it is willing to go well above the luxury tax limit and use funds Riley had suggested earlier this summer that he wouldn't touch. He also is willing to take on a contract that cuts into the precious 2010 salary space the franchise has protected as if it were a national treasure.

Odom-Heat Without making a follow-up move to dump some salary, Odom's $5.85 million starting salary next season would equate to close to a $12 million investment for the Heat, when you consider the luxury tax penalty.

There's no question that Riley has contradicted many of his previously stated positions in this Odom pursuit. But what happens if things fall through, and Riley/Wade return to Miami w/o L.O.?

Is there a fall-back plan to salvage the offseason?

Would the Heat still be willing to use the mid-level to go after help at point guard (where the options range from a reunion with Jason Williams to a reclamation project with Jamaal Tinsley)?

Would there be a pursuit on the sign-and-trade front to secure a Carlos Boozer or Tyson Chandler or Amare Stoudemire?

Would there be any interest in making a marginal, but athletic upgrade such as a Hakim Warrick? And since they're out in L.A. anyway, why not check in with the other team regarding a Kaman or a Camby?

Or does Odom simply represent a Powerball situation - one ticket, one shot at the big stash? There's still time to make smart moves this summer.

But if Odom isn't issued a boarding pass alongside Riley and Wade on the return flight to MIA, might Riley ground all meaningful attempts at a major roster upgrade in Summer '09? 

Obviously, there's a will to get something done with Odom. But will there be a way or effort to salvage this offseason if things don't work out?

With Odom - as has been the case throughout his career - there always seem to be more questions than answers.

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Boarding pass!! - they better send Mickey's jet

How would the signing of Odom affect the cap space for next summer? would the heat still be able to sign a marquee FA such as Bosh?

Wow Mike Wallace I must say this was by far your best article this whole offseason. Maybe my bashing got you going on now. And GMEN when it comes into the cap is very complex because we will still be able to sign Bosh (Amare, etc) and of course Dwade but we wont be able to sign the mle free agent because we obviously would already have Odom. My question is the following?! Mark Blount obviously is a chump and can't play, so wouldn't it be a good idea if we cut him even if we have to pay him his 14 million that he is gonna earn anyways if he stays. That way he wont count into our luxury tax and we would save on the Lamar signing. Good business decision or does his contract still count even if agreed on a buyout from both sides?

If the Lakers up their offer to Odom and he signs with them (as everyone expects), the Heat and other non tax paying teams gain by getting more of the Lakers' additional tax payment.

Kermit and Fuzzy Bear masterminded 9-11. Learn the truth.

I think plan B is Boozer, not both. Beasley is starting based on riley saying what he said in that Jamario Moon interview when he was leaving. So, even if we dont get LO, since Boozers deal doesnt touch our cap next summer, we can work in plan b. U said it Wallace, national treasure. WHo is a national treasure FA next yr that has openely said he would consider playing with wade?? #23. P Riley shoots for the best, and I can guarantee you that lebron james is gonna have the red carpet thrown out for him. we wont get anyone other than vet 1 yr deals this summer if LO doesnt come.

f the Lakers up their offer to Odom and he signs with them (as everyone expects), the Heat and other non tax paying teams gain by getting more of the Lakers' additional tax payment.

Kermit and Fuzzy Bear masterminded 9-11. Learn the truth.

Posted by: pugtv | July 27, 2009 at 12:52 PM

except that the Heat is a tax paying team

The Watcher and Don over on the herald...what do we owe for this the honour?

Can sign Odom, Wade max + a max FA. a core of Wade, Odom and Beas PLUS a max FA...good times are here again!!

good blog Michael! please keep it up, DAILY, bring it DAILY, like the pros...

9/11 was an inside job

checkout & watch the collapse videos

learn the truth.


yes we should be able to sign a max free agent but next off season but barely, depends on how low the cap goes next summer, we have to hope it goes no less than 55 mil but some say it could go as low as 51 mil realistically, not 50...

Riles struck out on elgin baylor, bill bradley and scottie pippen and now he is stuck going after lamar odom

Odom is the perfect player for the Heat. He can be a ballhandler and nicely share the 3/4 position with Beasley. At that price we can also still add 2 max FA's next offseason- Wade and Bosh.

Thanks for that clarification, now my next question is: What are the chances that the Heat sign Lebron James next summer? Is it a realistic possibility? I heard that cleveland won't be able to afford him.

Cleveland will be able to afford him. They can give him a max contract, or extend him like they're about ready to do. If he leaves, it won't be because Cleveland didn't offer him the most they could offer.

I hope yall get this, with all the goings on in the league today its just right time to make the right moves and be right there, ok 1 sign odom 2 trade haslem jones for either amare or bosh 3 sign ai 4 sign warrick 5 trade blount for camby 6 trade beasley cook for caron butler 7 trade jo for curry and harrington listen with all the jersey sells and tv contracts it would pay for itself go heat the champs

I really hope Lamar comes back. With all this buzz going around that he's seriously considering the Heat's offer, it would be a serious letdown if he stayed in L.A.

Give it a rest already. LO is staying in LA. The Heat are just a bargaining ploy by his agents to get more money.

Ok, lets see another way this could work 1 sign odom 2 trade haslem jones for amare 3 sign ai 4 sign warrick 5 trade for camby i say blount 2nd round pick this way you keep beasley. You keep jo. I dont know if these moves put you pass orl bos or cle but you are in the convo this up coming season should be a good one i just think they're moves that would the heat right in the middle might cost but whats a few dollars if you want a winner. Keep in touch... Ps we are, in a resession...

i don't think camby is on the table. chris kaman might be on the market, but i don't see him as a big upgrade over j.o.

but i think if j.o. can bring some game next season, and lamar, udonis, and beaz can split the forward spots...and we pick up another guard to run with mario and d-wade...then the heat are a legit contender this season

Listen up guys camby wants out of clipperland and with what the top three eastern conference teams have dont not to mention atl wash tor chi the east has some good teams so trying get better is a must cant sit back waiting for dwade to go for 50 he needs help and why not now why not the heat yes it could happen why not now...

Thanks Mike. If LO doesn't come back I'm going on a 24 drinking binge. You guys are right he is the perfect compliment to the Heat.

Hey why not buyout blounts contract atleast this way signing ai and warrick are more dueable under the cap and maybe give lamar a little more maybe trade haslem jones cook for bosh or amare i still say jo for harrington curry but two picks for camby i mean shake it up a little make it fun again

I would take Kevin Durant x999999999999999 times before I take Lebrick James! Oh and btw Okafor on that block!

riley should sign carlos arroyo and forget bout tinsley or an old jason....carlos could be a cheaper reliable pg in their system....

except that the Heat is a tax paying team

Posted by: The Watcher | July 27, 2009 at 01:04 PM


You need to check your sources. Without LO, they are currently under the cap.

"... its payroll is only $300,000 under next year's projected threshold for the luxury tax."

Kermit and Fuzzy Bear masterminded 9-11. Learn the truth.

we should also get Charles Oakley. he wants to be a player development assistant coach. maybe he can toughen up Beasley

as for Odom, the longer this drags the less likely i think he's going to Miami. because he obviously is giving the Lakers all the chances they can get. Riley should give him a deadline and pull out if he doesn't. now he might end up without a team just because he's being selfish

Ok up the deal for and he will come to miami maybe 4 yrs 36mil then by all means buyout blounts contract he does nothing and makes way to much then sign ai and warrick then trade jones cook for butler and haslem for camby might throw some 2nd round picks in but hey its a better team

i like the idea of carlos arroyo. bobby jackson, raymond felton.....we need some sort of serious point guard to split minutes with mario

and i hate to speculate on things that haven't happened yet, but if the heat do land odom, iverson, and boozer...does that make them a title contender next season?

no to ai, yes to felton or jackson, add warrick, make an attempt for boozer but dont sell everything u got for him cuz it is after all just for a year. With odom, i think heat have chance of at least the #3 seed in east, maybe add boozer, who knows after that.

Wish there was a way to free up more cap space right now by moving or cutting a contract. That way the Heat could offer a larger deal to Odam. I would then trade Beasly ( & cap fillers ... Blount ?) to Utah for Boozer. With Wade , Odam & Boozer, Miami would make a serious run this year. Plus this would ensure that Wade re-ups.

Yanni, Utah wouldn't take Beasley. thank god b/c he is a stud on the cheap. no trade of Beasley and no reason for it. without trading Beas you can still do;


PLUS a MAX FA in 2010!!!

I know ugly asss Mike Wallace couldn't keep up daily updates! Motherfffuckerrrr thinks this is part time job! SUCK MY NUTS FAT BBIIITTCHHH!!

wow, counting the minutes it takes for them to take that comment off the is 3:53 right now...and your still alive.

Jdog, duuuuude, find peace within yourself, hating anyone like that is going to make your life worse...

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