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Pistons 93, Heat 90 (Beyond the Box Score)

AUBURN HILLS, MI - Those front-row fans who heckled Dwyane Wade in the final minute of the game got the last laugh on this night.

But Wade put a scare into them. Wade had one of his most complete games of the season, but he missed two jumpers in the final seconds as the Pistons held on for a 93-90 victory at the Palace to extend their winning streak over Miami to six games.

This one had playoff intensity. This one had hard fouls, technical fouls and foul offense (for the first half). So in other words, it had everything the Heat-Pistons rivalry has come to know. Detroit won the first of four meetings this season between two teams desperately trying to secure the fourth seed in the East and homecourt advantage for the first round of the playoffs.

Yes, the playoffs are still two solid months away. But you wouldn't have known it on Wednesday night.

Player of the Game: Dwyane Wade - Fought off another recurrence of the migraine headaches this week to turn in 29 points, 13 assists, seven rebounds, three steals and two blocks in 45 minutes. He was just 10 of 31 from the field, but got hot at the right time - until his final two jumpers missed. Considering the way he finished, it was hard to recall Wade miss that many shots.

Surprise, Surprise: Shawn Marion - While it comes as little surprise that Marion had another stat-sheet-stuffing night, it was bit of a shock to see him bounce back so quickly after taking a shot in the face from Allen Iverson during a loose ball scramble in the first half. Marion was taken to the locker room to have his left eye treated. But he came back and finished with 16 points, six boards, four steals, two assists and a block in 41 minutes. At 6 of 10 from the field, he had the most accurate night.

Tough Night: James Jones - There are going to be nights like this along his return to form the wrist surgery that kept him out the first three months of the season. Jones missed both of his field goal attempts and had five fouls in 14 minutes off the bench. Beasley scored 16 of the 17 points Miami got from its bench. James is gradually being counted on to do more.

Lit 'em Up: Rodney Stuckey - He grew up idolizing Dwyane Wade's game and capped his night by hitting the go-ahead jumper over Wade. Stuckey had 18 points, six assists and six rebounds in 39 minutes. But his highlight was the double-clutch bank shot he hit over Wade with 45.2 seconds left to put the Pistons ahead to stay. Wade was hardly impressed. "Man, that was some luck," Wade said. "Some guys amaze you at times."

Stat of the Night: 30-17 - On a night when most things were even between the teams, the Pistons had a huge advantage with its second unit. Detroit's bench outscore Miami's by 13 points.

That Says it All: "Do not go in. Please do not go in. Fortunately for us, it did not." - Pistons guard Allen Iverson, on his thoughts as Wade launched the potential game-tying three-pointer at the buzzer.

Next Up: Heat at Philadelphia 76ers, 7 p.m. Wachovia Center


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great game. too bad it ended in a loss.

props to d-wade for having 30 points and 13 assists. but he missed a lot of shots tonight.

props to beazy for getting hot in the fourth quarter.

shawn marion gave his usual effort, putting up big numbers while being invisible during crunch time.

and for those of you who are interested, jermaine o'neal had 22 points, 9 rebounds, and 9 blocks tonight. you heard me, 9 blocks. can we get a trade already?

I was disappointed with Wade's shot selection tonight, I feel the Heat could have won the game if Wade had relaxed and used his court vision more at the end, but its hard to complain when he has 13 or so assists.

I think the Heat are a better team than the Pistons and I personally think that Shawn Marion is a great 3 for us, we should not trade him unless we can also recieve a viable starter at the 3 spot to replace Marion's game.

Beasley had some errors, but he still makes things happen, but he needs to learn quick that you CANNOT leave Sheed open at the 3 line. CMON NOW!

Go Heat.

If there were some way to resign Marion and keep Beasley I think Miami will be in great shape.

I wonder what Pat has up his sleeve.


If there were some way to resign Marion and keep Beasley I think Miami will be in great shape.

I wonder what Pat has up his sleeve."

*And trade for a center

marion is gone by next season at the latest

I cant goto sleep just yet, this loss is bothering me as a fan. I really cant put my finger on what it is that ails the Heat. I keep dreaming that trading for a center would cure everything but I am not sure that is the case. 3 pointers continue to be the Heat's downfall as well as allowing untimely rebounding. Adding a center to what we have would be ideal, but taking away from what we have and adding a center may not be the solution. Maybe if we had cook, the result would have been different tonight too, since that could possibly offset J. Jones off night. Of course, it would all be different if Wade had hit his fading-on-noone-in-particular game-winner, but this is a Detroit team that had been struggling at home...

Im stuck.

*allowing 3 pointers continue to be the Heat's downfall...

anyways... last posting, I dont want to hog up all the bandwidth.

Can someone please explain to me what the hell was going through Dwayne's mind when he took that fade-away with like 7 seconds left? I know everyone makes mistakes and he had a tough night but he just doesn't make mistakes like that. I feel like there has to be some explanation for it. Great game, just wish Dwayne took some better shots in this one, he was really forcing it up there. Also, not to start on something I know people complain about a lot here but....Beasley really needs more playing time against teams without centers like Detroit. Some might say he didn't get the minutes because he had a tough first half but I beg to differ. He had a pretty good first half, he may not have rebounded or made any shots but he got to his spots for the most part on D and he got great shot opportunities, he just didn't knock down the shots (although they mostly came really close to going in). The kid just needed to keep shooting. I don't think he should be starting yet, but the kid needs some more minutes.

D Wade= Ball hog!!! And i dont care what anybody says this Dwade is not even close to 06 Dwade! Where the vintage spin go???? now he does some crazy shit and shoots jumpers! And is bothering me that he gets payer of the game! WHAT THE FUCKKKKKK!! we lost the game cause of his hog! and why is he curling his feet like cook when he shoots!??!?!?! set up moron your getting me heated lol

Make the move Riles...22-9-9 for O'Neal last night against the Lakers. Please, pretty please with a cherry on top, make the foking move already...what are you waiting for?? With or without Banks in the deal, just do it!!!!

I can see where you're coming from, he was definitely a little selfish down the stretch but he usually makes the right decision in crunch time. Also, it's hard to really call him a ball hog since he dished out 13 assists.


The daily rule: denial is not a river in Egypt.

Stephen A. Smith responding via his blog to the drivel, double-drivel & counter drivel that Smith was just *making stuff up* when he reported Bosh had already informed GM Bryan Colangelo of Bosh's intent to leave Toronto in or before 2010 **and** that Bosh **"wouldn't mind interest from Miami or Dallas"** (I don't recall Smith mentioning Bosh's reciprocated interest in Miami on Sunday; I do recall Smith affirming Miami's interestin dealing for Bosh).


Smith ( ):

*[L]et me be clear: My sources tell me Chris Bosh wants out of Toronto. Preferably before 2010, when he's free to opt out of his contract. They've also informed me Bosh has quietly made the Raptors aware of this, **that he wouldn't mind interest from Miami or Dallas, at all***, and that he's hopeful his days as a Raptor will come to an end sooner than when the LeBron James' Sweepstakes hits the fan in 2010.*

*Essentially, these things qualify as one of the worse-kept secrets in the NBA.*

*Both Bosh and Raptors' President, Bryan Colangelo have emphatically denied Bosh has made the Raptors aware of anything. Feel free to believe them if you want to. And while you're at it, feel free to to conveniently forget that Damon Stoudamire, Marcus Camby, Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter all echoed similar sentiments before they skipped town, too.*

*It doesn't change the reality.*


I'd love to get him without giving up Beasley, but I still don't see us getting Bosh. It would just be too good for us...the only other trade that could compare to it is the Grizzlies' donation of Pau Gasol to the Lakers and I don't think Brian Colangelo wants to look like that.

Thought D-Wade rushed that shot at the end last night. Every time the game is close he thinks it is HIS time. Remember how Jordan would kick out to Paxson or Kerr when the shot wasn't there?? Wade needs to learn that other teammates can hit the winning shot as well. The biggest problem I see with the team lately is FREE THROWS. Continuously only hitting one of 2 other than Beasley. This kid needs the ball more. He can create on anyone. Love the lineup with Wade, Chalmers, Marion, Beasley, and Haslem. We should go back to this even though I am happy with Magloures play.

"I'd love to get him without giving up Beasley, but I still don't see us getting Bosh."


Still, it's an interesting signal from Bosh's camp -- if Smith's sources are credible -- that Bosh *is* interested in Miami.

I'd give up Beasley (or Marion, Haslem, whatever) for Bosh based on many of the reasons already enumerated by others, including the fact Bosh & Wade are draft mates whose games, knowledge, maturity as players have developed along similar arcs, because Bosh is just the type of inside-outside scoring, boarding, *passing* big (2-3 more inches in standing reach Beasley will never have) that Wade *and* the Heat need to push them over the humps -- i.e., playoff humps, 2010 hump to re-sign Wade -- while Miami's defensive orientation is just the type of environment that could rekindle Bosh's interest in stops, help defense, changing shots.

I think Bosh for Beasley+ would be win-win for both teams, both players. Beasley matures, gets all the touches + minutes he wants as the focal point of an appreciative franchise. Bosh goes to a team that already has a superstar who knows how to win championships with a quality, legitimate big.

Michael Wallace,

How on Earth can you say an individual grew up idolizing a player when they are 3 years apart at most?

Grew up? Maybe he liked his game in college but grew up idolizing? This is some quality hyperbole.

I'd trade Marion and Haslem, but I just think if we got rid of Beasley, we'd have even less guys that can create their own shots. Bosh is pretty good at creating his own shots, but he's just not really what we need on this squad. I think a team with Chalmers/Wade/Jones/Beasley/Bosh team would be a lot better for us than with Haslem at the 4. But I think people are assuming that he can step in here and be a dominate center, but he's really more of a Power Forward. He's not all that tough inside and he's built like a twig. That's why the Raptors have done everything they could to keep Bosh out of the 5 spot (including trading for JO and putting Bargnani at the 5). My point is this, Wade/Bosh would certainly be a great combination but we would still have a need for a third scorer to get us over the hump and make us real-time contenders. We would need a guy like Beasley to help us do just that. I mean maybe I've just gotten to attached to Beasley, but I really would hate to see this kid go be the man for some other team when he could be ours. Besides, if Bosh really wants to play in Miami, he'll sign with us in 2010 without forcing us to give up anything. If he doesn't sign with us in 2010, then we made a huge gamble on our future and could end up losing Wade because he doesn't feel like rebuilding again. So I'd say it would be safer for us to simply do the JO trade for now and wait on Bosh. On the other hand, if Bosh is really on the table and we can get him without mortgaging our future (i.e. Beasley/Cook/Chalmers), then I would pull the trigger.

no disrespect heatstroked, but trading beasley for bosh is out of the question in my up on a badass 1st round pick with all the potential in the world, yes MORE potential than Bosh, and then watch that talent blow up somewhere else is stupid..a move like that can kill a franchise and set us back for years..we need to keep beasley with that cheap contract and aqcuire another badass to compliment him and wade..I'd rather see one of our veterans with a bigger contract get moved.

i dont know what people mean when they say that wade is a ball hog. he the leading 2 guard in assts and avg more than most points guards. also, he does trust his teammates, he gave beasley and haslem the ball down the stretch and they both coughed it up, yes i do agree the fadeaway was stupid, but dont get one mistake twisted, the man is top three in the league.

please dont trade my boy B Easy, his potential is way too great, i rather put UD in there even tho hes my boy too, but i think bease has a much greater upside to pair up with Bosh, if it happens tho.

funny article badimo...seems to me that every team that Shaq is on falls apart sooner or later...but i still wouldn't want Amare on the Heat.

"I think a team with Chalmers/Wade/Jones/Beasley/Bosh team would be a lot better for us than with Haslem at the 4."


True and indisputable.

But I see no possibility of Colangelo giving up Bosh in any deal with Miami unless Beasley is involved. You'd have to weight Marion + Haslem against potential combo offers from Dallas (Howard + ?). Morever, Marion + Haslem (probably) wouldn't be enough to pacficy Toronto's ownership or fans.

Beasley gives Colangelo a face-saving, "potentially" franchise-type player to build around. Beasley, for all his progress, still comes with some risk (his ceiling may not be as high as some think).
But current buzz about Beasley's "upside" will never be higher than it is now, especially with an All-Star appearance coming up.

It wouldn't be an easy choice *IF* there is, in fact, a choice. I like the Heat as-is and am NOT enthused or optimistic about any deal for O'Neal. Bosh, of course, would be a different matter. Especially to Wade, whose input could conceivably and understandably decide the matter.

err: You'd have to [weigh]...

I think given beasely in a deal for bosh, or amare would be a plus please do not waist any time make the deal.

the raptors are not trading chris bosh. it's like a team trying to trade for d-wade. not happening.

ok, i just read that washington would be willing to trade caron butler. the first thing that came to mind is beasely, he would be able to do what ever he wanted to do and we could get the best fit to compliment wade. without putting marion in the deal is also a plus,... that leaves marion, banks for either o'neil or chandler. and could still shop for camby... this is really what i thought would be a interesting midseason ajustment in terms of player movement. how does this sound, beasely,daiwara,anthony for caron butler. marion,banks for o'neil. blount,cook for camby... still have haslem, jones, wright, quinn, maglore, chalmers, wade... 10 man rotation... get two players from the d=league to the roster...

I think i figured out what's wrong with you trucker. You don't seem to realize the Heat need 15 people on their roster with 12 active. Just because we have 10 players left doesn't mean you just came up with the most genius moves means you just got rid of most of our team for a decent starting lineup, which is always important but you need a bench dude. Your trade scenarios are ridiculous and I really don't know why I waste my time responding to you and validating your existence. Your trades are just dumb and no one wants to hear them.

blackthetrucker what is it with you and butler?? he is not even that good lol suck his pipi already! lol BOSH OR AMARE! END OF STORY! however?!? i dont see us getting amare unless a 3 team trade?!?! what??? you think they want marion back?? haha

ok, i am not hot on bosh or amare. bosh is not a center, and we already have two power forwards. amare plays NO defense. wade would murder him. besides, even if i did want one of those guys for the heat, it doesn't matter cuz it ain't happening.

jermaine o'neal is still our best bet. there is no doubt that he would be a great fit for this team. the only problem is his contract, which is only a year and a half long. still, he is the HIGHEST PAID CENTER IN THE LEAGUE. i am sure riles does not want to give a role player $30 million.

in better news, my favorite trade scenario just got a shout-out on's weekend dime. check it out:

And word comes now that another matter for Miami to consider is the prospect of sending Marion to New Orleans for a package headlined by Tyson Chandler.

now THAT is a trade that makes this team intstantly better, for this year and in the future. young center that plays fierce defense and gets rebounds, and doesn't demand the ball. chandler is the perfect fit for this team

I couldn't agree more with ebag on this one. I'd prefer Bosh to Amare but I'm still not completely sold on Bosh. In theory, Bosh and Wade would be great together. But Bosh has never felt comfortable playing center (except in international ball for whatever reason) and Amare obviously plays way better at PF and plays no defense. I think JO would be the best bet for now and then if Bosh really wants to play for us, he'll sign here in 2010 and we wouldn't have really had to give up anything. Also, while I do think we'd have to pull the trigger on a Marion for Chandler trade, I don't think the Hornets would do it because they have too many small forwards and not enough centers so don't get your hopes up.

If Nawlins was stupid enough to do trade then I say hell yeah.....I dont see this trade scenario on e-bag?WHERE?
The most likely scenario remains J oNEAL even tho I dont trust trade.
Givivng Colangelo back Marion and including Haslem and Cook or Cook and Ist rd pick could get it done.
Marion for Butler sounds good too....Beasley for Butler is ridiculous BlacktheTruckdriver...check yoself.
Ill take my chances with Bosh at center and Wade n Beas creating the offense !

we're not going to include Cook in the JO deal, it's just not necessary or worth it. At this point, with Phoenix pretty much having a fire sale right now, I'm pretty sure the Heat have more leverage in the JO deal than before as we have other avenues to pursue. Also, I don't have a link, but I definitely read something on about Miami looking into a deal for Chandler, it still seems unlikely, but I always thought Chandler would be perfect for us but never thought he'd be available.

That article above mentions the possible Chandler trade

(thoughts on)MY KILLA SQUAD:
C-Chandler (from Marion)- Brings D and Alley oops. Wil pass the bal in the clutch or go up and get it.
PF-Beasley- Brings the O... Chandler has his back.
SF-Butler(from Haslem?)- Brings the D, shooting and intensity...

Best half court team in the league... with speed and power.

(video and post services...clearance orices!!! send me an estimate and we will beat it!!!! !!!)

well, i just read that amare is on the block. now this could be the trade that puts the heat back in title contension. sending marion,beasely to the suns could get the deal done, please don't past this up. now i know some of my trades are a little over the top, but this could change the history of the heat organization for the next decade... hey what ever else they send put with banks or blount for camby... keep in touch...

black the trucker. u need to shut up. amare plays no d n i wouldn't giv up beasley for nobody!!!! not even bosh. n caron butler is horribleeeeeeeee!!!!! like the only way i'll say yea 4 caron butler is if they take haslem n banks n thats not gonna happen so........ get off this site plz ur trades r ridiculusss... lol

well, i don't know if you watch basketball enough or know anything about balling, but amare is the real deal!!! and you put him with d-wade and this changes the leage...

and another thing, is anyone watching the celtics. they took three all-star and are now on they're way to back to back titles...

Trucker, you've more than proven to everyone that you know almost nothing about the NBA. So don't go telling someone else they don't know anything. Nelson is totally right, while Wade/Amare would look great on offense, our defense would be horrible. We'd probably win more games but we wouldn't win a title with Amare at Center (which is where he'd play). And don't tell me we just have to trade this guy and that guy for Camby or JO or somebody because we're only gonna make one trade...if it involves more than one team, that's one thing but we're not going to make two separate trades with a week and a half left to the deadline. I'd trade Marion for Amare straight up but I absolutely would not mortgage our future for Amare...there's a chance we improve to a title contender but there's as much of a chance, if not more, that he either A)Bolts in 2010 for another team with more money where he can be the star, B)Messes up our chemistry causing us to suck, or C)Messes up our chemistry, exercises his player option in 2010 to make $17 mill that year (leaving us without the opportunity to sign someone else) and Wade bolts because our chemistry/organization isn't what he wants to deal with. The risks outweigh the possible reward. We'd be subtracting perimeter defense without adding post defense, it just doesn't make sense for an organization that bases our entire philosophy on defense (especially this year).

well!!! seems like i touched a nerve. but bring amare in at the age of 26 with the chance at keeping him long term is not a bad option. 1) he is a 4 not a 5 so put him at the power foward spot. 2) trying to incorperate star players is always a challenge and i don't think it will change what goes on in terms of team defence. 3) you just don't get this kind of player to just fall your way often so don't pass it up... 4) wade is the teams leader and geting the chance to add an all-star would make game even better, did anyone watch the olympics... 5) in order to compete with the top teams you need talent and on some nights we just don't have enough... 6) amare is just one, adding a player like camby or chandler would also be a great fit... 7) let me be clear, there are moves that can improve this roster now, if amare isn't the one, ok, but you have got to see what's going on around the league, there are teams willing to part with star players now that would make this team better, today...

and another thing, as a fan a would love to see wade, amare, butler on the same team. put anthony at the center spot...

While I do think Wade and Amare would be great together (offensively) and would absolutely trade Marion for Amare, I just think the Suns would kind of be getting the best of us if we deal Beasley. If you read the article on ESPN about the Suns looking to deal Stoudamire, it lists the other possible trade partners and who they could offer. No one else would be giving up what we would be and I just think we could get away with trading less for Amare.

This trade works cap wise and would cost us less. I think it would work pretty well for both teams and I think we could all sleep better not wondering what we could have done with Beasley.

Amare, huh?

My killa squad still plays the BEST defense in the league and can get you plenty of points with Cook and James Jones off the bench...


adding Jermaine instead of Chandler...


and Amare (with and without Haslem for Butler trade...)



some of those lineups are ready to win now and grow to title contender in 1-2 years tops.

there is no way the suns are trading for marion.

that said, i can see why everyone is hot on amare or bosh. bosh is the real deal for sure. i just don't see it in amare. to me, he just looks like a taller tracy mcgrady. a great player who will make your team worse.

but the truth is, we need a veteran point guard to help chalmers run this team. that way, we don't have wade tossing off-balance fadeways to decide the game (sorry, i love d-wade, but we could've had that pistons game!). we need a defensive stopper to guard players like lebron and pierce if we trade matrix. and we need a center. we can't just sell the farm for amare or bosh and expect to have a team. it will just be a replay of the shaq disaster.

all that said, we have multiple holes to fill, and shawn marion is a valuable trade chip. let's use him to fix some of the holes on this team. let's not make up crazy trade scenarios where we trade half of our rotation for a new team.

guys i like:
tyson chandler, jermaine o'neal, caron butler (sorry juan, but i'm feelin trucker on this one. bring back rafer alston too!). bosh or kirk hinrick would be great, but we are not getting those guys.

guys i don't like:
amare - selfish, plays no d
brad miller - plays worse d than amare
marcus camby - i'd rather have magloire

good thread tho.
go heat!

well to me, the made up trades are the ones involving Caron Butler. There's been no evidence to show the heat are trying to acquire Butler. There has, however, been a lot of talk over the last day or two about getting Amare. It's really not that far fetched to get him as we are apparently, according to ESPN and others, the front runners to get Amare. I do agree that his attitude and defense could be a huge problem, but if we can find a way to get Amare without giving up Beasley, we'd crush anyone who tried to stop us. It would take some serious defense to stop a team with Wade Amare and Beasley (not to mention JJ and Chalmers around the perimeter to knock down open threes). We'd have a pretty serious team because in my mind, although Marion plays unquestionably much better defense than Amare, Amare's offensive skills far outweigh Marion's and may even compensate for the lack of defense with some rebounds (something he can do and we need). So I think i've come around to the Amare trade a little bit, but I just don't want to give up Beasley to do it.

well to me, the made up trades are the ones involving Caron Butler. There's been no evidence to show the heat are trying to acquire Butler. There has, however, been a lot of talk over the last day or two about getting Amare. It's really not that far fetched to get him as we are apparently, according to ESPN and others, the front runners to get Amare. I do agree that his attitude and defense could be a huge problem, but if we can find a way to get Amare without giving up Beasley, we'd crush anyone who tried to stop us. It would take some serious defense to stop a team with Wade Amare and Beasley (not to mention JJ and Chalmers around the perimeter to knock down open threes). We'd have a pretty serious team because in my mind, although Marion plays unquestionably much better defense than Amare, Amare's offensive skills far outweigh Marion's and may even compensate for the lack of defense with some rebounds (something he can do and we need). So I think i've come around to the Amare trade a little bit, but I just don't want to give up Beasley to do it.

There is no evidence whatsoever except that Butler and Wade are tight and as a Heat fan, it would be cool to see.

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