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Heat 103, Pistons 91 (Beyond the Box Score)

At this rate, the Hawks better be prepared for Dwyane Wade to go on a rebounding tear when the teams meet Friday in Atlanta.

After scoring a career-high 50 points in Sunday's loss at Orlando, Wade mixed it up and dropped a career-high 16 assists to help the Heat blow by the Pistons Tuesday at AmericanAirlines Arena.

If anyone in the league still doubts Wade's versatility, he's apparently making it a point to convert any non-believers. Along the way, the Heat regained its balance, with six players scoring in double figures. This was a crucial win for the Heat (30-26), which pulled to within two games of the Hawks for fourth place in the conference standings. Miami also cushioned its lead to two games over Detroit and Philly.

Player of the Game: Dwyane Wade - No explanation necessary. Just consider the numbers: 31 points on 11 of 20 shooting, 16 assists and seven rebounds. Somehow, I think he might be forgiven in Wednesday's film session for those six turnovers he scattered over the course of 42 minutes.

Surprise, Surprise: Daequan Cook - Snapped out of his post All-Star weekend slump with 16 points on 4 of 8 shooting from three-point range. The kid is looking like the reigning NBA 3-Point champion again. And it couldn't have come a second sooner for the Heat's taste. But Cook is going to feel that blow to the abdomen he took midway through the game.

Tough Night: Mario Chalmers - Another in a disturbing line of games in which the rookie point guard barely registered a pulse. He had two points, two assists and five fouls. Chalmers has been in foul trouble for about two months now, it seems. Fortunately, he had Wade that to pick up the slack. But the Heat might have cause to go out and get some help at the position.

Shut 'em Down: Rasheed Wallace - Once one of the most clutch-shooting big men in the game, Wallace is now just fading fast. He was 2 of 7 from the field, with six points and six rebounds. He also missed all three of his 3-point attempts.

Stat of the Night: 39 - That's 39 points off the Heat bench. Cook had 16, Michael Beasley chipped in 11 and Jamario Moon added 12. The trio also contributed 17 boards and two steals.

That Says it All: "It's hard to defend him when he's doing that. We're trying to double-team him, but I guess that didn't work." - Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey on Wade's performance.

Next Up: Friday - Heat at Hawks, 7:30 Philips Arena


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There will be games that Quinny will play in as long as there are no big or very fast points. I believe that Spo tightening the rotation helped the bench players, especially Beasley.

Screw Quinn...he is such a defensive liability, if he never plays again I would be a happy man. He let Telfair score 30 on him (chalmers was in foul trouble so it was mainly Quinn guarding Telfair) and then Andre Miller scores 30 on him too (Andre Miller doesn't have a jump shot, all he can really do is drive so there's no excuse for that). I can't tell you how nervous I get when Quinn comes into the game...probably about as nervous as I get when Joel "I have no hands" Anthony is in the game.

Sounds to me like Chalmers might need a game or two off. The guy played around 40 games last year. He's already well passed that.

Quinn is a defensive liability, opposing point guards light him up, only exception seem to be a bad coach not taking advantage of the mismatch (Del Negro).

yeah he seems to have hit that rookie wall pretty hard

awesome win last night.

d-wade did look pretty solid playing the back-up point guard position. besides the sixteen assists, it allowed cook, moon, and yakuba a bit more playing time. and even tho i love quinny, i will admit this team is better when he is on the bench.

also, big props to mr. beazly last night. he was playing solid defense and pulling down some monster rebounds.

and props to spo. for all the flack he takes about f-ing with the rotation, he really had a good one going last night.

finally, big props to j.moon, who is starting to look like the best player in the marion/o'neal trade

Time is a weird paradox sometimes. I dont really know what paradox means, but anyways the point is that tonight there was a meeting of eras...the past and the future? Yes, but more specifically there was a meeting of the 90's and the 10's. That meeting happened on a jumpball between Rasheed Wallace and Michael Beasley. Rasheed, whos 3-ball had to be unleashed when he made the move to small forward the year Udonis...I mean , Brian Grant was inserted into the starting lineup for a very dangerous Portland team. (Well the 3 ball was a key factor again tonight as the Heat had the luck of facing a team that has no real 3 point threat on the court...the Heats key weakness...and got it's groove back from outside as D. Cook finally came back from vacation and looked good tonight.) Michael Beasley was the difference tonight in a game that saw Sheed get neutrulized on the outside by baby Beasley... as it is now getting obvious that Beasley needs consistent playing time and the more, the better. Wade and Haslem need to learn how to play with Beasley and on this night, when Beasley would show some fire, Wade rewarded the rook with the ball, and the rook delivered beautifully. And that jumpball? Of course Beasley won the tap.

A paradox is basically a contradiction, which seems to be what you are doing. "Beasley needs consistent playing time... specially when he shows some fire..." Well, yeah, if he shows some fire, he will get some playing time.

Both Chalmers and Beasley are rookies, and as such, they will be wildly inconsistent. Even Rose, who is getting major minutes playing for a going-nowhere team, is up and down like a yo-yo, particularly now that Hinrich is back in the lineup. He and Gordon are taking turns relieving him of ball handling duties to give him a break.

Yeah this entry was not a very clear one frank. I was trying to mostly make the point that Sheed and Beasley are the same type of player in 2 different eras and they are meeting in a jumpball so it was a very interesting moment.

I guess what I mean is that yep Beasley needs more minutes, more chance to show some fire.

And that fire will be rewarded.

both of you lames shut the fucckkk up!!!! im just happy quinn didnt play =) garbage ass mothafucka! give the kid a candy and let him chill in the bench unless we blow a sorry asss team out! and anthony! sit his assss too ol butter finger king kong look alike mothafucka lol

Quinns a good 3 point guy and he can occasionally make a play or two... hes not as garbage as some say...

Anthony should be splitting mins with Magloire for the back up...thats a potent C even got some blount for offense if its not happening anywhere else.

i think beaz is doing fine...he is getting quality minutes, putting up decent numbers, and getting better every game. i think we would all like to see him on the court more, but you have to respect that the heat are teaching him for the long term instead of just playing him asap.

the real question is o'neal. i think he has made the team better by being a legit center. but he hasn't put up nearly the same numbers with the heat as he did against the heat this season. it seems like the heat are still figuring out where, when, and how to get him the ball. i am sure they will figure things out eventually...but for now, those spinning, off-balance, jumping-off-one-foot post moves are ugly to watch.

Unfortunately for Quinn, hitting threes and setting up the offense isn't enough for this team. Maybe he could do better in a different system (i.e. some kind of run-and-gun no defense type team) but our defense is based on playing as a team. Not to sound cliche, but if there's a weak link in our defense, it can ruin the whole game for us and that is why Quinn should never be on the court for Miami. He just makes us too vulnerable.

y'know, i like quinny as a 12th man. he plays a difficult position, plays hard every night, and will make the most of limited minutes.

i think he is a quality player to give wade some rest in the second quarter. i just don't want him on the court in the fourth quarter of a close game

Quinn just needs to get stronger and more confident. I don't worry about guys scoring on him. Guys score on everybody on our team from time to time, I'm worried that He isn't scoring or putting up good assist numbers himself.

He needs to show something to get on the court.

Chalmers? He's a rookie. Nuff said.

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