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Beasley's playing time and the Quinn/Banks situation

Rookie forward Michael Beasley's playing time has dwindled in the past three games--18, 15 and 13 minutes--coinciding with the Heat's winning streak. But I wouldn't read too much into it. Coach Erik Spoelstra insisted after Wednesday's practice that Beasley is improving and said it's particularly evident in practices.

Mike24_heat_dep_hmg_5 He said Beasley's role is likely to grow and that the Heat needs him to impact games. He remains the team's second-leading scorer behind Dwyane Wade. Spoelstra's assessment is that Beasley, 19, is ahead of schedule, particularly if you look at young power forwards that have broken into the league in recent years.

It seems that there is some disappointment with Beasley so far, at least based on reading the comments section in this blog. Yes, he's the future of the franchise and the No. 2 pick so expectations are high, but remember he is 27 games into his rookie season and he's 19. His defense needs improvement but the Heat seem pleased with the progress he's been making. The kid is a natural scorer and remember this is the first time in his life that he's being asked to play defense and being held accountable. Good for the Heat staff, making him earn his playing time. As long as the Heat is winning, perhaps there is something to be said for bringing him along and taking the long view. All indications point to Beasley being a willing learner and hard worker--all good signs.

Now onto the position battle that seems back on between backup point guards Chris Quinn and Marcus Banks. Quinn did not play against New Jersey, while Banks did. Tuesday Banks entered in the first half and then Quinn in the second half. For a stretch this season Banks was not playing at all, while Quinn did see action. Now it's unclear where each stands.

"Right now it's not totally black and white," Spoelstra said, in response to a question about how he determines whether Quinn and/or Banks plays. "It's a situational deal. It depends on who we're playing and what the need is. Marcus gives a defensive disposition, aggressive on the ball, Chris gets us into offense very efficiently, and when he's making shots the offense can be even more explosive."


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niether Banks nor Quinn are real NBA PG's so how much does it matter if either of them play at all. Reality is that they should put Wade at the Point and Cook at the 2 when Chalmers sits. There are some back-up PG's that I'm sure can be picked up for a small price and it is time.

Beasley gives me that Darko; Kwame feeling at times. Looks soft and clueless.

But other times he shows flashes of greatness with his touch

Rating the aspects of Beasley's game today.

Shooting: Good
Handle: good for PF; bad for SF
Passing: see handle
Defense: one-on-one ok for rookie but cluess about scheme and helping out
rebounding: weak
Post play: none
toughness: none shown yet
Athletic abilit: average
Size: below average for PF

I'm really starting to wonder why we didn't go with Mayo. I would not have been happy on draft night with that pick but I would be today.

We could have traded Marion for Randolf. Keep Joel at C with Haslem & Cook coming off the bench. I don't really understand or agree with the 2010 waiting game unless they know that they are getting somebody like Bosh for sure. Even if they did know that he plays the same position as Beezer?

I like Shawn Marion, but he does not necessarily fit the heat. Dwayne Wade needs some help, the heat need another player that can get his own shot break the defense down. The heat are depending solely on D Wade. It shows that if he have an off night that the heat cant win at all. Or at least get some type of inside scoring presence

I'm happy for Beasley and the Heat!

Beasley is going to be fine.

He's a 19 year old being asked to go bang against fully grown men on the inside. Of course he's going to get pushed around in the paint and have bad games.

Still, he's a natural scorer and his rebounding on a per minute basis has improved since he moved to the bench.

At 19 years old he's probably not done growing yet. Count on him getting another inch in height and bulking up with time in the weight room.

In a year or two we'll have a very good NBA PF in Beasley.

Is he going to be a small foward down the line or a power foward?

Offensively, he can be one of the best in the league at either position, but the question is which position he will defend better.

I know for a fact he can score 20 a game RIGHT NOW if he plays 37 minutes a game, but he just is not used to playing 15 minutes a game. He will improve, and so will his defense. Im playing the patient role right now.

And to respond to dduck, there is a reason we did not draft Mayo. Because, um, he plays the same position as the leading scorer in the game, who happens to be our 26 year old franchise player. 25 games is not nearly enough to determine who the better player is, and as a member of the media and someone who watches a lot of basketball, I thought Mayo was more ready to play on both sides of the ball than any other play in the draft last season so I thought he would be ahead of Beasley on the learning curve so early in. Give it time.

Spoelstra is all talk. Play the kid.

Beasley was the best option we had in the draft. Just give him a little more time and he will be much better. Mayo is a pure shooter and with Dwade more thank taking care of business in that department and Cook providing a solid backup I dont see Mayo with just his shooting ability fitting into this team. GO HEAT!!

I luv Beasley... His game is so polished offensively, its not even funny. There are times when I see him get a little frustrated especially when doesn't feel the ball is going to come his way but he will get over that. He's a rookie. When he understands the Spolestra's defensive concept he'll get the 36 - 40 mins a game. IMO, if he got Rose and Mayo mins right now he would average anywhere between 20-26 points a game easy. It's good for him to be able to watch, observe and learn the NBA game. Every coach he's ever had raves about his work ethic and coachability. Just be patient... When Beasley and D wade get on the same page, the NBA is in trouble. Can you say DYNASTY!!!

Rose is also 29 games into the season, and look how great HE's playing. And point guard is a harder position than power forward. And also look how well OJ Mayo is playing, also a rookie. So frankly, I think it's an excuse to say that it's because he's a 19-year-old rookie that he isn't playing well.

There's also something to be said about the Heat not playing him. This has probably dealt a big blow to his confidence. The Heat expects to see immediate results or they bench the rookies. Such was the case with Dorrel Wright. Dorrel was never properly developed. The Heat was always about winning and not about fully developing rookies like Minnesota and New Orleans and Portland.

Clueless is the exact word that comes to mind when watching Beasley on the court. Pat selected Beasley based on the pressure he felt by so called "heat fans" -- it is quite uncharacteristic thing to see Pat do, focus too much on satisfying the fans.

By selecting Beasley the Heat did just that -- Make the move that would satisfy fans rather than team needs. Beasley has not been the reason for our success thus far, it has been Dwade and our defense and god knows defense is not in Beasleys vocab.

We are playing pretty well at home this season and we are not even selling out at home which goes to show how fair-weathered our fans are.

Hopefully next draft we focus on satisfying a need and not our lousy fans.

By the way, Beasley is nothing more and nothing less than a PF, he does not have the defensive skills to be a Sf -- And he is way too clueless and not a smart enough team offensive player to dominate that position on the offensive end. Maybe 3-4 years from now when mans up some more and has the strength not to flop like a girl when he gets rejected on a drive to the hope he can play SF.

niether Banks nor Quinn are real NBA PG's so how much does it matter if either of them play at all. Reality is that they should put Wade at the Point and Cook at the 2 when Chalmers sits. There are some back-up PG's that I'm sure can be picked up for a small price and it is time.

Posted by: dduck | December 24, 2008 at 05:35 PM

Completey agree. I would LOVEE to see an 8man rotation until Zo, Wright and JJ are back, and theyll be back in january and we have a young athletic team so guys wont get too tired.

Center: Joel(26 minutes)/Magloire(16 minutes)/Haslem(6 minutes)

PF: Haslem(30minutes a game)/Beasley(18 minutes)

SF: Marion(36minutes)/Beasley(12 minutes)

SG: Wade(23 minutes)/Cook(25 minutes

PG: Chalmers(33 minutes)/Wade(15 minutes)

Until Zo and James Jones and D-Wright get back thats a great way to go about it, in my opinion..... Wade gets 38 minutes a game, Marion 36, Haslem 36, Chalmers 33, Beasley 30, Cook 25, Joel 26, Magloire 16

Perfect, youngsters develop more, and we're a better team, plus they dont have to do it the whole season cuz the cavalry is on the way still too.

well, i agree with some of what you'll are saying. i think that beasley was a good pick on what he did at the college level but in this league you have the greatest players in the world so that takes an ajustment period which this still needs to be given before you really know where he is. but a when you look at what other players in this draft class are doing it makes you wonder what a player like lopez or westbrook would look like with the heat. but charlmers is good young pick who i like and fits in now but with the injured players coming back and the move yet to heat up in terms of miami you have to wonder what pat sees and what he will make happen. when you look at some taems around the league they're players available, but which ones do you think can or will pat go for. but just on the topic, what do think about trading for bosh now, why wait, we have pieces that could make the deal happen now. what do you think about beasley, banks, blount, livingston for bosh. hey, i'm just a fan don't get mad me. or even marion for butler and 2nd rounders. let this kid anthony play and keep him in the gym getting better. wright and jones coming back gives help at the 2 and 3 but bigs are still needed. this off season there will be one or available. keep in touch.

If Livingston can get healthy he will solidify the back up point guard role. But it seems like he's far from being 100 percent.

And where are all the Beasley fans calling Spolstra an idiot for not giving him minutes.

Where is Luis and his love for Beasley!
Look I have always said that Beas will be a good player down the road.
Hes gotta learn to finish strong at the hole , if Wade at 6-4 can dunk on top of people then a 6-8 youngster shouls finish strong.
Stop throwing floaters up there.
That being said , I still think Toronto knows it will loose Bosh in the long run so why not use the upside of Beasley's future for a sure thing superstar in Bosh, Throw in Blount to make the deal work.
At least Toronto gets to rebuild with another Pf that likely will be solid in about 2 yrs.
Whattya guys think ?

tough call. i agree that the beaz is developing well and will be a good player down the road. think of how long it took tyson chandler to be a solid player. lets just hope we don't trade beasley and watch him turn into a star on another team. if we do, all these people that are saying "trade beasley!" now will be saying how dumb the heat were to trade him

Next year Marion will be gone. By then Beasley will be ready defensively and offensively to be our starting small foward with Udonis at power forward and Anthony at center. Beasley has great versatility and can play small forward. This year he should come off the bench and learn. He gives us a great scorer off the bench and by next year he'll be ready.

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