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Beasley and Chalmers talk about Rookie symposium incident (updated)

Update/Reminder: Mike Wallace will be taking your questions Thursday from 1-2 p.m. during a live chat at MiamiHerald.com.

Rookies Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers spoke to a handful of reporters before working out at AmericanAirlines Arena Wednesday night and both expressed remorse about being disciplined at the NBA's Rookie Transition Program earlier this month in New York.

Here are a few excerpts from them. You can read more in my story that will be running tomorrow. As you may recall hotel security found two women and detected the scent of marijuana, but did not find any drugs or drug paraphernalia in the room of Chalmers and Memphis Grizzlies rookie Darrell Arthur. Beasley later came forward to say he was in the room, apparently hiding, so he did not get thrown out of the rookie program like Arthur and Chalmers did. Beasley later came forward and last week was fined $50,000 by the league, while Chalmers and Arthur earlier received $20,000 fines.

On how the situation sits with each of them:

Chalmers:  I think it was just a mistake, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, something we look back and we regret to the fullest. At the same time we took our punishments and now we're ready to move on and put the situation behind us.

Beasley: It's something I wish didn't happen but it did. All we can do is look forward.

The embarrassment factor and feeling like they need to prove themselves through the first part of the season:

Beasley: I think so. I apologized to my family, to the fans, to the Heat organization, to my teammates. That's something I have to work hard and keep my nose clean to try to erase that.

Dwyane Wade said it won't have a carryover and affect their standing with the veterans, but do you go up to the vets and explain your side of it:

Beasley: I think that's natural. I talked to all the veteran players. They support me more than I do myself. They showed they have support and they don't look at us different.

Your explanation of what happened the night you got in trouble:

Chalmers: I don't really know, it's a situation that's over.

Why the delay coming forward about your involvement in the incident:

Beasley: I would say that's where my immaturity played a factor. I'm 19, I tried to be a kid and get away with it. I talked to the coach, I talked to Pat Riley and we felt it was the best decision. It was eating away at me to watch my teammate go through so much and me basically hiding behind the lights. I just felt it's the right thing for my team and to stand by my teammate.

On whether he was in the room when security came: Yes, I was.

Did you duck out of the way?

Beasley: I don't know. I don't really want to go into detail. What's done is done. We made a bad mistake, I frown upon it myself. All I can do is look forward and try to be the best player and person I can be for the team.

On what the past few months have been like from changing agents to now dealing with this incident: It's been pretty hard but I feel that we have the best organization in the league. Everybody in the organization supported me through my agent change and through this whole situation. It's been hard being that I'm so young and I'm new to the league but we have veteran guys, guys that work in the office, coaches that stand behind me.

In other Beasley news: He reached an endorsement deal with adidas, but said he does not plan to hire a new agent Thursday, when he is officially allowed to since the 15-day period will be over since he filed paperwork parting with agent Joel Bell.


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