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Heat's Math Yet to Add Up

If for no other reason, credit Pat Riley and the Heat's front-office staff for this offseason mathematical wizardry.

It had to take a supreme level of administrative crafting to put together a roster with this many 2s and 3s, yet somehow not come up with a reliable 5. Though, it hasn't been for a lack of trying.

The Heat, as it stands exactly one month before training camp opens, has more than $40 million of its 2008-09 salary cap committed to shooting guards (2s) and small forwards (3s).

As a result, the team is left with what appears to be a carb-conscious approach at the most difficult spot on the court to fill. Mark Blount is 7 feet. But he's defensively-challenged, to say the least. Joel Anthony is on the come. But the raw, 6-9 shot-blocker still has quite a ways to go to be the reliable inside presence the Heat needs in the middle.

And that's what makes the Heat's recent flirtations with the Jamaal Magloires, D.J. Mbengas and Lorenzen Wrights of the world so painfully necessary for Miami.

Tuesday updates revealed that Magloire was still waiting to hear back from the Heat after last week's workout. Wright continues to explore his options around the league. And I'm told MBenga, who worked out in Miami on Monday, has a minimum-level offer to return to the Lakers. But he hopes to get a somewhat sweeter offer from Miami and expects to hear from Riley and Co. as early as Wednesday.

Yes, barring a trade over the next 30 or so days, it's come to this for the Heat.

With Dwyane Wade, Shawn Marion, Dorell Wright (if healthy and confident), James Jones, Yakhouba Diawara and Daequan Cook on the perimeter, Miami has the potential for something special at the 2 and 3 spots.

But do the math. 

Unless - or until - there's an upgrade at the 5, it'll remain a roster that simply just doesn't add up. Or stack up, either.


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The only way the overcommitment to the 2 and 3 positions makes sense is if they are preparing cover/depth for trading Marion for a 5. It is bound to happen - either just before the season or at the trade deadline. I am sure the Heat are waiting for some team with contender ambitions gets desperate because of injury or is in bad need of a Marion shake-up.

Quick question though Michael, who are the best 5's in the East what Howard and Ilgauskas who else? the Pistons for God's has made a living without a big time 5 who doesn't score and has used Wallace and McDyess at the 5 spot, let's see Boston has no all star at the 5 either and they won the title, their main guys are their forwards no marquee center or point guard by the way. I really hope Chalmers starts now and in the future this guy is going to be good and in time who knows great, u don't need a super star point guard with the Heat, you really don't u just need a guy who will bring the ball up the floor, set everything up, don't turn the ball over and shoot and Chalmers in my mind is very capable of doing that and more.

Eddie you are almost right. The East besides Orlando, Washington, and maybe Cleveland does not really have that much of a better Center. Toronto's O'neal is washed up. Milwalkee's Boguet is still not that impressive to me, 76ers don't have a center Elton brand is a power forward. Celtic's perkins is over rated and sucks in my eyes. New Jersey's kristics injury prone and the rookie Lopez is unproven in the NBA. New York Cury has potential but he is too soft. Indiana Jeff Foster not a real threat. Chicago Joakim Noah not proven enough. Atlanta Al Hortford is a power forward and Randolph Morris is no real threat. and for Charlotte they have Omeka okafor and Sean May they are real good, but Sean May is injury prone. Looking at the east besides Howard none of the Centers are as dominant as the centers in the west. With Blunt and the fast pace style Miami talk about running they can be competitive. Blunt is probably the best shooting big man in the east and with a line-up of Wade, Banks/Chalmers, Marion and Beasley and a back-up of Udonis, Jones, Cook, Wright, and Diawara and Joel Anthony we should be OK. I believe that we are solid at all positions except the Center position. I think that we are underestimating a Banks/Chalmers/Quinn PG rotation that is defensive and can shoot. I believe that Riley should hold his grounds and see by the trading deadline if we can trade away Blount for a better center. A team like the Clippers that has a stock pile of centers, as well as Blazers with Frye and Aldridge one of them has to go and I believe that once Greg Oden has proven that he is injury free they ill get rid of one of those two wich would be great for us by the trading deadline. If we can give them Blunt he will be a back-up that can provide offense for both the Clippers and the Blazers. We need to be patient. It will be well worth it. We should be able to run with what we have and Zo maybe back midway anyway which will improve us defensively. So that we don't go out looking desperate and sigh a Magloire type of player and mess-up our chance at a better and younger talent. Remember last year we got desperate and we picked up Ricky davis and Smush parker lets not do that again. Be patient. Frye and Aldridge from the blazers are possibilities as well as Camby, Kaman,Paul Davis, and Deandre Jordan are from the Clippers are all better future posibilities by the trade deadline for the Heat. We need to learn on being patient.

Remember we are solid at

SG- Wade, Cook, Diawar
SF- Marion, Jones, Wright, Kasib
PF- Beasley, Udonis, Stephane
PG- Banks, Chalmers,Quinn Unproven but
great posibilities
C- We have good back-ups in ZO, Blunt,
Joel, and Padget
Lets all learn to be Patient and see what Riley can get through a rade for us without giving up a major player like Udonis, Marion, and Cook whom I believe will shine next This year after all the playing time he got last year. For a 15-67 team last year we are vastly improved if we can at least contend for the 7th or 8th seed this year we will be a success, but we have to be PATIENT!!!

Im seeing rumblings from some Clipeprs boards that the Clippers are still interested in Marion. Nothing official about the teams talking but it would be sweet if we got:

Heat Give --> Marion, Blount, Lasme, Maybe Cook

Clippers Give --> Camby, Mobley, DeAndre Jordan, Tim Thomas, and Maybe a draft pick

The Heat would get a center they could use right now and a Center in Jordan they could develop. Not to mention that Jordan and Beasley are best friends. Mobley is a legit SG which we do not currently have unless Cook breaks out.

The Clips would get Marion which they covet as someone to run with Baron.

This might free up some space for Dorell and they could use Tim Thomas off the bench.

Channing Frye and LaMarcus Aldridge are PF's,they'll need a different mind set to play center.If,Oden turns out to be the monster people think he is,and we do get more from Blount; i can see a Frye-Pryzbilla swap for Blount, salaries match-up. With all the sf's we have, were going to need some size at 4and5.

Camby,Mobley,Thomas i can see,but Jordan and a draft pick i don't.The dilema is, do we make that trade before camp or "Be Patient" and wait until December 5?

Is anyone else just dieing in anxiety for there to be a decent RUMOR about a potential Heat trade? All we keep hearing are these rumblings about us needing to make a move and our shortcomings at center, and then you hear names like Magloire and DJ Mbenga?????????? That's just not going to cut it. I think we all share the feeling that something will happen, but man can we at least get a sniff of what that something might be????

Take Magloire and that´s ok.

C Magloire
PF Beasley
SF Marion
SG Wade
PG Banks


C Mourning
PF Haslem
SF Wright
SG Jones
PG Chalmers

PG Quinn
SG Diawara
C Anthony

I think we need to be patient. The prospect of getting Camby is nice, but Marion is a quality player. He hits the 3, runs, rebounds and wants to prove he can be the man. If chambers can run the point well (If so GREAT draft pick) Then just slot in Magloire at number 5 and we are fine. A lot more pressure is on the rookies to succeed rather than whoever we put at 5.

If the Laker's Bynum recovers, then look for a trade of Odom for Matrix. Both have expiring contracts, the Heat needs a 4, and the Lakers need a 3.

We don't need a trade. We need to be patient and give this squad a chance. All we need is a C that plays D and rebounds. It's all about Wade and how he makes his teammates better. As long as we run the break and make open shota will be ok. Our 2's a 3's will be getting many open shot's with Wade driving to de rim like he was in China.


For your information:

J. O'Neal washed up? Are you aware that he has been essentially playing on one leg the last year and a half and is now completely rehabilitated and has been working out all summer.

76ers don't have a centre? Sam Dalembert - a double double player and one of the top shotblockers in the league.

New Jersey's Kristic? Signed with a Euroleague team.

Those are facts.

Also, it is highly unlikely the Trail Blazers are going to trade Aldridge - he is one of the young, up and coming power forwards in the NBA.

The same with The Clippers - they will not trade Kaman, a 17 and 13 guy and top shotblocker.

EVERY TEAM in the NBA has a better centre than the Heat. Blount can't rebound and is a poor defender. All he does well is shoot jumpers. Anthony may develop into a half way decent centre someday but for the near future the Heat are seriously undermanned in the middle.

There should be some decent free agent bigmen in the summer of 2009: Anderson Varejao, Dwight Gooden, Jeff Foster, Chris Wilcox - all of whom would be a major upgrade over what the Heat currently have on the roster.

Sorry, make that Drew Gooden.

Detroit is experiencing winds of change, why not go for Sheed? Send Haslem, throw in a pick and recieve the troublemaker. Why? Because the Heat need both bigs and more reliable firepower from three. The pistons need a PF that works hard, doesn't bitch around and loose his composure. Haslem is a great PF. Maybe a bit short but heart makes up for it.

Detroit has enough range with their shooters and enough size to add a shorter but way more aggressive rebounder. Plus they'll love to get rid of Sheed. They thought that getting rid of Ben would've been the change they needed but it was Sheed all along.

The Heat on the other hand need Sheed who would make this starting line up available for the Heat:

PG - Banks (Chalmers)
SG - Wade
SF - Marion
PF - Beasley
C - Wallace

Add Zo as backup at C, and we got ourselves a contender that will clash with the Celtics for the conference title this year.

Sheed doesn't fit for great Piston team
because he's soft inside but fits for iffy Maimi squad? r u nuts?

Il like Lamarcus Aldridge give up blount and D. Wright! Great move! He is 6'11" and has a great work ethic! Pull the trigger now! We will become an immediate contender in the east!

Sheed would step it up and offer great amounts of both leadership and experience. With marion and beasley crashing boards like borderpatrol is crashing mexicans sheed would act as both leader and motivator inside. And then you bring Zo from the bench for even more aggressiveness. Beasley has much to prove but a whole lot to offer and will give the heat a good player at both ends of the floor.

If thats not possible then go for Aldridge. Even if Wright has to go. LaMarcus Aldridge is worth it.

Screw it, just sign Maglorie, he can clog up the lane and make up for the space that's gonna appear when D-wade and Co. take gambles on steals. That will do Defensively. And then when it suits we can then use Blunt or Halsem to run the fast breaks at the 5.
Not exactly ideal, but we should defiantly hang onto Marion for at least this season, see how things pan out and then deal him for talent in 2010, or keep him on a reduced contract (if he will take it). Panic trading will do little for this team.
Also look for D-Wade to seriously improve this season, he won’t have to handle the ball as much, allowing him to play as a true SG, so you can look at 30 ppg . Banks and Chalmers will tow the line cos they’re unselfish & hopefully looking to dish the ball to the wings as much as possible, plus I like the look of us on the fast break.
So in summary we’ve got serious offence coming from Wade and Marion (oh and Beasley). Defencive grit from Haslem, Diawara, Jones, Chalmers & Quinny.
Enough capability on the boards in Beasley, Maglorie and Haslem.
Plus a big lug like Maglorie should swat a couple a game. Zo also may return.
Admittidly we are a little bi-polar on the perimeter (A threat with Jones on the floor and a joke without him), but we’re checking enough of the boxes to complete in the super weak east, so I’ll see you in April.

We have what we need to run with anyone in the east. Starting line-up of Wdae, Chalmers, Marion, Beasley and Haslem PERIOD.

well everyone sounds like things are just impossible the way it is, listen, we can compete the way we are right now. but if somehow trade marion for melo maybe harrington and jackson or even hinrich,thomas,miller sending gordan to min. lets be honest we could use a move, but lets just wait and see what Pat comes up with he's good about making moves that will help in the long run, so lets just be patient. will keep in touch.

I sat down last night and thought why not give marion to washington for butler and blatche and a 1st round pick. they will see that as an upgrade and we would be primed for future moves. also blount,cook to knicks for curry. this way we keep haslem and get a starting big. now are bigs don't have to really run the floor like gaurds, we need a low post presence scoring rebounding shot blocking. though curry may not be that he can bang and that we need. with the gaurds play and small fowards we have i think we can compete. now chalmers should have a chip on his sholders, i think this kid is good. i watched him when he was in high school and college, this kid was a steal. by adding butler it would give us another defencive wing that can run with Wade and a young point like chalmers with banks helping groom this could be something here.who knows maybe the clippers let jordan go might be a project but su what. will keep in touch.

Do you guys really think that the Blazers will give up Aldrigde? Im a miami heat fan and I would love to see aldrigde in miami. But come on..a trade involving aldrigde??

you know, when you think about the type of defense we can play with one or maybe two moves and Wade playing like the best jordanest prospect in basketball, you really have to be a little happier with what could be. butler,blatche move makes a lot sense. but why not give a draft choice to the clippers for jordan they have too many bigs, why not give that move a look. the curry move lets blounts contract come off the books this year, curry has one year left. and cook is not needed so let him play in ny, makes sense to me. but lets be clear when you watch games you can see marion does not look happy here, so trade him. somewhere just not here, get people here who want to be here, thats it. will keep in touch.

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