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Bad Day For Beasley

Rough start for Heat rookie forward Michael Beasley.

Not only did he catch an elbow to the chest on Wednesday that knocked him out of his first practice with Miami's summer league team, he also took a sort of playful shot from teammate Dwyane Wade.

Wade, who worked his camp for kids at FIU on Wednesday, spoke to reporters in Miami for the first time since he returned from Team USA's mini-camp last weekend in Las Vegas and its New York photo shoot earlier this week. Among his topics were Beasley's addition and the Heat's plan in free agency.

Wade said he's attempted to contact Beasley to welcome the former Kansas State stud to the team and league. Beasley's response, according to Wade? Silence.

"He big-manned me. He didn't call me back," Wade said. "I know it's very hectic for him right now. His voice mail is very full. I told him I hope to talk to him this week, hopefully, while I'm in town. I know how busy it is for him. Everyone's calling and wanting to talk to him. He's got a lot going on. But he kind of big-manned me a little bit."

Wade then reminded everyone he also had a hard time connecting with Shaquille O'Neal when O'Neal arrived in a trade from Los Angeles in the summer of 2004. Wade was with the U.S. team at the Athens Olympics then.

"The power of texting and cell phones nowadays is good," Wade said. "I was out of the country when Shaq came as well. You see our relationship was good. But we have a long season (ahead). We have training camp in Paris and London. We'll have plenty of time to get to know each other."

On the free-agency front, Wade said he's given his own "wish list" to Heat president Pat Riley, but did not divulge any names.

"He's the only one who needs to know it," Wade said. "He's making the decisions. We have to be smart. We want to make our team a lot better. But we can't go out and be crazy."

One of the Heat's biggest needs is at point guard. But the list of free agents is already dwindling just two days into the negotiating period.

Baron Davis, who was never really in contention for the Heat, has agreed to a deal with the Clippers.

Beno Udrih, who was on the Heat's radar, has agreed to re-sign with the Kings.

Jose Calderon, who was never a realistic option, said he would re-sign with Toronto.

That leaves Keyon Dooling, Chris Duhon, Carlos Arroyo, Anthony Johnson and Tyronn Lue among the mid-level-or-less crop who might fit the Heat's criteria.

All are serviceable. None are absolute solutions for anything beyond the one or two seasons it might take Heat second-round draft pick Mario Chalmers to potentially snatch and hold a starting role.

The plan is simply to surround Wade with enough building blocks and encouragement to get him to strongly consider staying put when he can opt out of his contract in the summer of 2010.

Last week, Riley said he wasn't sure what Wade would do. But he said the Heat needed to be in position to offer not only Wade an max contract, but to have another available to entice a Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Amare Stoudemire or Carmelo Anthony when they hit free agency.

Wade took the 2010 talk in stride.

"No one knows what's going to happen in 2010," Wade said. "I'm not thinking about it. I'm not worried about it. Me and coach Riley have talked a lot and 2010 has never been a conversation about what I'm going to do. Only time 2010 comes up is when he says we can't do too much this summer because we have to make sure we're right and set up for 2010. And we want to be big players in 2010."


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C'mon Beas call D. Wade already. he is going to help all your NBA dreams come true...

This is by far the BEST sports blog on the internet!

9/11 was an inside job

checkout & watch the collapse videos

WTC 1,2 & 7 were brought down by controlled demolition.

I think we can play this season with our current Point Guards: Chris Quinn, Mario Chalmers and Marcus Banks.

In my opinion we should take Patrick O´Bryant and Corey Maggette.

C Mourning
PF Beasley
SF Marion
SG Wade
PG Banks


what's it going to take to get into
those thick skulls that Zo can't
play more than 15-18 minutes a game tops?
STOP listing him as starting center!!!

but i agree about our point guards..don't see any FA's out there as being major improvements. Quinn is solid as a backup
or third option, and between Banks and Chalmers competing/sharing we should be
ok unless both prove inadequate.

i still think Blount would make a superb
SF..if they would only think outside the box. he has SF handling/shooting skills and can affect smaller players with his height on defense. he's not fast enough to defend drivers, but team defense can compensate.then Marion can get us a nice package.

LOL are you insane dribbler? Blount as a SF.. Never he would cripple your defense because everybody would have to slide in rotation and somebody would always be open. Imagine the Spurs with Blount at the SF, we would be gutted by any half-way decent coach. Sit Blount on the inactive roster get Patrick O'Bryant for cheap, Try and get a veteran guy like Kurt Thomas and let them all split minutes at the 5. Hold Marion until the trade deadline to showcase his talents. He is at least worth a look to see if he is serviceable for multi-year deal at a lesser salary.

Blount is nothing but an expiring contract to us next year as part of trade bait. He is nothing more to us EVER!

I don't know, but I got this crazy idea. What if we did get Kwame Browne at a dirt cheap price, and just have him concentrate on defense, and maybe 5-6 points a game. What if he actually learned from Zo, and stops being a laughing stock in the NBA. What if we could turn him into a decent role-player, around the scores Beasely, Wade, and Marion.

Without the return of Brand we might as well keep Marion and hopefully he would settle for less in a long term deal next year , we should trade Haslem for a Center, maybe Wilcox, Biedrins....we got too many Forwards
Johnson and even Zo in limited role is 6"10.
Ithink Chalmers/Dooling are servicable
Blount stinks sum thang Fierce!
How do we get a shooter????????????????????

I hope the Heat lands James Jones, this guy is a sleeper in the FA market...IMO. As far as PG goes, why is it SO DAMN HARD to land a quality PG in Miami, man I miss Tim Hardaway!

I think if the Heat sing Pargo that would be a very good sixth man off the bench or can be a quality starting point guard that can shot. In the playoffs his shot was on fire; and singing Dooling to a midlevel contract would also make him a solid backup, but not a starter.

I would not be interested in Artest and Thomas for Marion, but I would be in Artest and Brad Miller, even if we have to throw in Dorrell Wright or Marcus Banks or even Mark Blount or all of them. I also think the Heat should go after Carlos Arroyo. A local favorite and a guy that's always killed us in the passed. He would only compliment Chalmers, because I believe that's our starting point guard and the "steal" of the draft.

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