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3 Options, 2 Strong Opinions, 1 Pick

Move over Michael Beasley and Derrick Rose. Ovinton J'Anthony Mayo has requested a table for three.

Judging by Heat president Pat Riley's resent itinerary and guard Dwyane Wade's Sunday semi-endorsement, there is growing evidence and confirmation now that this is at least a three horse race for Miami's No. 2 pick in the June 26 NBA Draft.

Ojdunking The first stop on Riley's tour of draft workouts was in Chicago to visit Mayo this weekend before heading West. Wade has long suggested that the Heat's biggest need was for a playmaking guard he could partner with in the backcourt to return the team to a contending level. For months, Wade's preference in the draft was for University of Memphis point guard Derrick Rose. And it still might be.

But Wade is at least bracing for the reality that Rose is likely headed to Chicago as the No. 1 pick. Still, this very well could be a two-horse race. Only the participants have changed. Now, the Rose-Beasley debate might quickly become the Beasley-Mayo decision.

Mayo and Wade have established a bond while working out together in Chicago with trainer Tim Grover. Two weeks ago, Mayo said he "was like a little reporter" following Wade around everywhere and asking questions.

On Sunday, Wade said he's been just as impressed with Mayo's humility as he has with the skill set of the Southern Cal guard.

"I've got an opportunity to see O.J. and go to lunch and dinner with him, because that's what we do in Chicago, because we're like family," Wade said. "He's a good kid. He's shocked me. He's been getting hype since the 6th grade. So I'm thinking he's going to have the big head and have a big posse with him. But he doesn't roll like that. And I like to see that."

Waderiley Wade said he's already talked with Riley about the draft, but stopped short of suggesting that he's officially endorsing Mayo over Beasley if Rose is not in play. But Wade did say of Mayo, "I have gotten an opportunity to know him, and that's a perk."

But the point in all of this might very well hinge on The Point, as in point guard. It's obvious Mayo can score. It's just as obvious he's a solid defender. It's a no-brainer he can sell tickets. And it's without question that he's rubbing off well on Wade, who must be kept happy as he approaches the opt-out date in his contract after two more seasons.

But the question is whether Mayo can run an NBA team as a pass-first playmaker? And if so, is he still Rosepredraft worth passing over or parting with the one player in this draft everyone believes could post a double-double by halftime of his first NBA game? Passing on Beasley won't be an easy decision.

"You have to look at your team, what you really need," Wade said of the Heat, which also desperately could use a low-post scorer and dominant rebounder. "I think the reason (Mayo has) crept up in it is he's a combination of a lot of different things, and he can help your program right away. So, I think it's a three-man race. And you're talking about Rose, Beasley and O.J."

What Wade wants and what the Heat needs might be two different things if Rose is off the board.

Ojbeasley But at least one thing is certain, if you ask Wade. The Heat has improved from a "win-win" situation, to a potential "win-win-win" scenario.

"Of course, the Bulls have the No. 1 pick," Wade said. "But we can't go wrong."


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With all respect to Wade, Riley is too smart to draft Mayo with the #2 pick. It's not not good value for the pick. Obvisously, if Rose is there you take him, but otherwise Beasley has to be the pick at #2. Of course, If the trade offers are good enough, it might be worth taking Mayo at 3 or 4. But definitely not at 2.

Great point. The heat needs to trade the number 2 and also get a shot to take Mayo. I think the only possible players here are Minnesota and Seattle. I think Mchale will give up a lot for Beasley - especially if Riley bluffs him and tells him that they are taking Beasley - give us an offer to make us not do that.

Also, Wade and Riley have spoken about the draft. Dont be surprised if this is Wade playing Riley's game - to make Chicago think that there is another point guard besides Rose that they should be looking at. Its all about deception. Chicago started it with the Wade trade rumors and now Miami is returning the volley

I think when you're coming off a season where you just won 15 games, you have to go with the best player available.

Beasley will unquestionably be the best player available if Rose is off the board. He's much more likely to be a great NBA player than OJ Mayo.

I think Mayo is going to be a good player, but there are still serious questions about his ability to be a pure point guard.

We can't afford to screw up this draft pick. We have to take the guy who is most likely to succeed, and that's Michael Beasley.

Trade the #2 pick for Henrick, Deng, and Chicago's #1 pick next year.

Only if they add nocioni in the deal.....we should draft the position that will be harder to fill in the coming years.....If GS would take lets say Haslem and Wright for Baron Davis( NOT LIKELY ) Then you would take Beasley alongside Marion, Wade and Davis. If We can somehow get Brand or J Oneal, then you get the Mayonaise !

Pass on the chance to draft beasley ??..
you people are out of your mind....

i dont understand some people. no im not talking about the idea of trading down and passing on besley, if pat riley thinks thats best.. thats the heats thinking and we have to go by it.. i do find it hard to believe taht there are people out their that have said "lets trade the pick so we can have a SHOT!!! at getting Mayo" i dont know about you, but if im goin to pass on besley, i damn well better be sure im goin to land the guy im trading down for.. the only way that happens is if we trade w/ the t-wolves

Trade the #2 pick to the T-wolves for their #3 pick and one or two of their power forwards. Obviously not al jefferson. take corey brewer and or craig smith.

I think the Heat should take the player who has the most potential. We all know what Beasley can do, but he did that in college, where his team's whole system was to run everything around him. Many good players don't get everything run around them in college. And those that do sometimes end up looking likes busts. Ex. Adam Morrison, big bust. Highest scoring average in nation, but lots of other players could have done the same.

Wade may have a point to take Mayo with the 2nd, sure he may not be a point, but isn't he pretty big? Like 6'5", the same as Kobe was when he came out? Mayo could be the next Kobe, and with two great shooting guards on the team they could wreck havoc on teams. And they will still have Marion, let's not forget. And Beasley, is only 6 foot 7.5". Name one other power forward that's that short that became a star? Don't compare him to Boozer, Boozer is a legitimate 6'9-10. Trust me, I've seen him in person. He is huge.

I know Rose is the hottest thing under the Sun right now and everyone is ooing and ahhing over his athleticism but i have been wwatching all these players for more than a year. The two best players right now are truley Beasley/Mayo. Mayo is really a point guard and has been... he is only playing out of position last yeas as he was asked to do. He has more skill than Rose and can do just about everything on the floor. Mayo takes the business approach to basketball and is a no nonsence player. He is most likely to resemble Kobe's approach and focus to winning. (all business no games style) Perfect time to introduce Beasley who is the im just having fun on the court type player. Hard to pass on Beasley for any team. So what if he is 6'7", great a 6'"7 dunk or three looks jsut as good as a 6"9 dunk or three. Beasley can flat out score the rock. Rose can be better than both of these guys. At this time rose isnt as good of a baller as Mayo or Beasley but he has the potential. Question is potential has hurt more than it has helped in the draft. Gerald Green is 6'8 SG who is physically gifted with sky high potential. These guys produce slam dunk champions that don't equate to much else most of the time. Im prepared for the Heat to possibly draft Rose but I would not be surprised if it was a failed experiement.

Beasley is not 6'7.5" he is 6'8.25" and who cares!? Some of you need to get out a ruler and see how little these height differences really are. Beasley should have worn the same shoes Love did. Love grew almost 2 inches when he put his shoes on. Either the boy can play or he can't. Ogh and to answer your question, Shawn Marion is only 6'7", Elton Brand is 6'8", Antwan Jamison is around 6'8", Kenyon Martin is between 6'8"-6'9".

why would t-wolves traid anything, they would be happy with mayo or beasley, pressure is on heat

riley is not going to select beasley. the heat hasnt fallen in love with his game for some reason. rose has potential but his high is because of the championship he won. mayo is the better player than both. just as wade wasnt supposed to be up there with lebron and carmelo. people will think the same of mayo. don't pass on the guy. I say the plan is to draft beasley and who ever drafts mayo, minn. then u do a draft day swap (ala penny webber). pick up that 1st rounder that we gave up in the walker trade.

Hey! As I am from Europe I don't get so much information during College-Season. so....Correct me if I am wrong but... what is all this Rose-Hype about? I mean, from what I saw til now this guy can't shoot the ball, and the Heat need exactly this type of player. He also isn't that great in playing defense. So he can pass the ball and drive into the lane, but is this what the Heat need? I mean, D.Wade brings the ball very often, so Rose couldn't play PG like a Chris Paul or something. And with all that leading his team to the final - hasn't memphis nearly had no defeat w/o Rose this year? sounds like a damn good team to me. Considering the lacks of Rose's game and the fact that you can't just rely on talent, cause talent is just 40% of what makes a great player. Wouldn't the Heat have a better match with Mayo? (Not talking about Beasley here - just the guard-comparison) I mean that guy can score, pass, bring the ball with Wade, of what I heard he plays great perimeter defense and also is athletic. and again - he shoots the ball. Consider D.Wade driving to the lane passing to Rose at the 3-pt line and he can't sink it. I think you get the idea..

greatings from Europe!

I just don't understand the logic of bringing in another 6'5" scorer. Mayo is not a point guard and most experiments of making scoring guards into point guards fail. 6'5" wade. 6'5" Dequan Cook and now 6'5" OJ Mayo? If you're not going to Beasley then at least take a real point guard in Jerryd Bayless, who is every bit the scorer that Mayo is plus he plays the point fulltime.

I really like Mayo and consider him in the top tier but he doesn't make sense for the Heat.

Mayo is a better PG than Bayless. Bayless is a scorer and does not play great D. He has an aweful height to standing reach ratio (alligator arms) which directly will translate to his defensive game. Mayo is more of a PG than Wade, Cook, and Bayless. Mayo playes PG his whole life and only last year was asked to play SG to help out USC. Yes he is a bigtime scorer are you saying that Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Steve Nash, Tony Parker, Chancey Billups, Allen Iverson don't score? Miami Heats best PG Tim Hardaway was a bigtime scorer too. The Heat would do jsut fine with Beasley or Mayo. The real question mark is how Rose would fit. I mean reall have you see his highschool and college play?

I like Mayo more than Beasley to be honest; Beasley's got great stats, but I'm just not sold that his production was more due to talent than athleticism. At 6'7", the athleticism may not be enough in the NBA. Mayo was pretty amazing over the last 9 games of the season, which coincided with him getting used to the Tim Floyd's offense at USC. At #2, it'd be a fine pick. Ideally, swapping first round picks AND second round picks with Minnesota would be best. The Heat would get Mayo at #3, and also move up to the top pick of the second round, where they could possibly get a Joey Dorsey or Nathan Jawai to fill some big man holes.

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