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D-Wade and Heat phoning it in

Dwyane Wade and the other Heat's other inactive players Shawn Marion, Jason Williams, Alonzo Mourning, Marcus Banks, Dorell Wright worked the phones during halftime of Wednesday night's game against the Hornets. The players were enlisted to help sell season tickets.

Here's what we saw:

  • Wade is handed the phone, with a prospective buyer who asked to speak to Alonzo Mourning. Wade's response: "Man, Zo's busy. But this is D-Wade what can I do for you?
  • A caller named Charles talked to Wade twice. But it wasn't Charles Barkley. Asked later whether it was Sir Charles, Wade said: "No, he's banned from calling my phone. He talked about us too much on the air this year."
  • Caller Charles asked Wade who he wanted the Heat to select in the draft. Wade said he couldn't say it out loud because cameramen and reporters surrounded him. Charles proceeded to name several players, only to hear, Wade respond, "No, no give me one more, No man!" Finally Wade said, "He's still in the tournament." (Apparently Wade wants fellow Chicago native and current Memphis point guard Derrick Rose on the Heat)
  • After speaking to one caller Marion pulled the phone down, and said, "He just asked me if we take food stamps for tickets."
  • Haslem looked in Zo's direction and said, "Why is he here? Ain't he retiring, man?" Zo looked like he fit in with the corporate types but don't rule him out for next season.
  • Wade made the statement of the night when said, "We can't entertain them on the court, so we've got to entertain them off the court."


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