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Mythical concept

I've been guilty of falling for the idea that Dwyane Wade struggles against the Pistons and the defense of Lindsey Hunter and Rip Hamilton. Maybe it's because I vividly remember his 3 of 15 game in Detroit on March 22, and his frustrations with Rip and Lindsey at times during games. But I guess I should've looked at the numbers earlier.

Dwyane's numbers against the Pistons this season in four games: 43.5 minutes, 28.0 points, .512 shooting percentage, 7.0 assists, 6.5 rebounds. Take out the 3 of 15 game, and he's averaging 33 points and shooting 57.9 points.
In fact, Dwyane has only scored more total points this season against the Cavs, Magic and Wizards.

Combine that with Shaq's 28.0 points on 58.3 percent shooting against the Pistons this season, and it's pretty clear that a series against the Pistons will come down to the supporting cast.

So, a lot of that will fall on Antoine Walker, who averaged just 6.5 points and shot 27.8 percent against the Pistons this season. But then again, I also remember Antoine not knowing where his shots were coming from in three of those games, which contributed greatly to his struggles.


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