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Just plain better

Can't really blame Flip Saunders anymore for the Pistons problems. The Pistons went back to what they do best: Tayshaun and Rasheed in the post, Billups orchestrating early (one shot in the first half) and getting aggressive late, playing off Rip Hamilton and moving the ball, and defensively they were playing about as well as they can play.
And yet, the Heat still won. It's because they're just a better team. It makes you wonder that if last year's team was healthy, would it have been in the Finals?

Rasheed's act may be wearing a little thin in Detroit. He acts like he wants the ball in the post and wants to dominate the game, but then he settles for bad shots at times and sets half-hearted screens and goes through the motions at other times. He concerns himself so much with the officiating (king of the conspiracty theories) so much that it takes him out of his game. I'm pretty sure his teammates are starting to wonder if Sheed will remain interested if this team remains on the decline (from champs to runner-ups to no Finals at all).

Dwyane Wade is the key to wrapping the series up in five. He'll have to keep the Heat afloat early in Detroit, then demoralize the Pistons defenders as the game goes along. A Game 6 would be very dangerous, if necessary.


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