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Just plain better

Can't really blame Flip Saunders anymore for the Pistons problems. The Pistons went back to what they do best: Tayshaun and Rasheed in the post, Billups orchestrating early (one shot in the first half) and getting aggressive late, playing off Rip Hamilton and moving the ball, and defensively they were playing about as well as they can play.
And yet, the Heat still won. It's because they're just a better team. It makes you wonder that if last year's team was healthy, would it have been in the Finals?

Rasheed's act may be wearing a little thin in Detroit. He acts like he wants the ball in the post and wants to dominate the game, but then he settles for bad shots at times and sets half-hearted screens and goes through the motions at other times. He concerns himself so much with the officiating (king of the conspiracty theories) so much that it takes him out of his game. I'm pretty sure his teammates are starting to wonder if Sheed will remain interested if this team remains on the decline (from champs to runner-ups to no Finals at all).

Dwyane Wade is the key to wrapping the series up in five. He'll have to keep the Heat afloat early in Detroit, then demoralize the Pistons defenders as the game goes along. A Game 6 would be very dangerous, if necessary.


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MIAMI – Do you really trust the Piston players to point you in the right direction?
I sure don’t.
They did a masterful job of throwing coach Flip Saunders under the bus. They made us all believe that it is not their fault they are losing to the Miami Heat in this series. It is the coach’s fault. And many of you will buy into it.
The Pistons were dumped 89-78 Monday night by the Miami Heat because the players took responsibility for the team and they do not know how to handle it. They are the ones playing soft and looking for blame elsewhere once again as they fell behind 3-1 to the Heat at American Airlines Arena.
Well I am here to tell you that they steered you down the wrong path and once again we refuse to look at the culprits in all of this. We want so badly to believe the players are in the right. But once again they are not.
This is an organization that in the last four years has tossed aside Rick Carlisle, got into a huge spat with Larry Brown and then brought in Saunders to make us forget their past.
These are the same guys who were upset that Brown got so much credit for their 2004 title, basically telling us they don’t need a coach.
This was the season they were going to prove to us all that it was the players that won it, not the coach.
Now they are trying to tell us that it is not the players who are losing this series against the Heat. It is the coach. I am not buying it and they are flooding you with voodoo numbers.
Here is what the Pistons want you to believe. They want you to believe that their defensive fabric has been rotted away by the offensive minded Saunders. And we all bought into the hype.
But let’s look at the numbers. During this nasty stretch following the Game 2 victory over Cleveland in the last series the Pistons are giving up 83.9 points a game. That’s two points less than they gave up in the 2005 playoffs and three more than during their championship season.
They gave up 80.7 points a game during the 2004 championship season and 85.2 points as NBA runners up. Yeah Shaquille O’Neal and Dwyane Wade are clowning on the Pistons. But they did last season also.
Here is the difference. The Pistons offense has gone south of the border.
Here are more numbers to examine. During their championship season the Pistons scored 84.5 points and they scored 90.6 during last season’s playoff run. In the first seven games of these playoffs they averaged 106 points a game. During this recent slump they are scoring 82.1.
The defense is not great. It is not championship caliber defense but the Pistons offense looks like a group of guys standing at the bus stop waiting for the 5:15 to come in.
Don’t you get sick of these guys some times?
It is the coach’s fault. It is the officials fault. It is the media’s fault. It is never their fault.
It was good to see Saunders fire back. Tayshaun Prince complained about Lindsey Hunter not being in the game in the second half.
“The reason we couldn’t put Lindsey on the floor was part because Tay was not scoring,” Saunders said. “Our scoring was coming out of Chauncey and Rip and to keep scoring on the floor we had to keep our guards on the floor.”
Prince scored the first bucket of the game and then did not score again.
The Pistons are right. There is something wrong with their team. But as usual they are looking in the wrong direction.

Wade is awesome what can you say, Miami is just a better TEAM right now, my Pistons are not the same?

This is how we must continue to play in order to win this NBA Championship 2006.
Hungry, hustle, accurate excecutions, move the ball, get the ball to Shaq, get inside the paint, create foul problem, play good defense. WE MUST KEEP THIS UP.

Antoine Hater


You managed to limit your shots and we won. You had a solid game dispite 5 fouls and 2 turnovers. 4 of your 5 shots were threes but you only managed to score 1 three pointer. I much rather your shots to be drives to the basket/ high percentage/ post up.Other that that you played little better defense. B-

Haslem had a monster game
16 points, hustle play and hitting the open shot. Haslem was bound to have a good game. His shots always look good his defense is always solid. But Haslem must keep this up in order to win this championship. B+

WADE and SHAQ had an out of body experience.
Both players DOMINATED, suddenly Detroit and excelent defensive team doesnt know what to do. WE must keep it this way. Smell blood......Rip their heart out. We must show no fear. It would have been a blowout if we only hit our freethrows. Which i hope they work on. 28/47 free throw damn. thats ugly!! 19 missed free throws. Come on!!! it is gonna be harder to score the free throws in Detroit so they need to work on them. Good thing was Both shaq and wade got to the basket. It is critical for Miami. They must dominate the paint in order to win. Both B+

Jason layed a goose egg he was having his problems with Billups but he did a good job handling the ball and had 2 steals, 2 assists. Overall he controlled the pace of the game. That was good. He slowed up the game at some points and ran the offence in the first half though he was no match for billups, who forgot to take better advantage of the mismatch. B-

Gary played a solid 24, 0 turnovers and 4 assists 6 pts. He played a good defensive game. B

ZO was great off the bench for shaq if he could just avoid the personal fouls and free himself up in the paint.
he would be unstoppable. GOOD SOLID B
Posey was full of energy off the bench that is what we need. He must continue to keep this up. B

We must not celebrate we have a Detroit pistons team filled with veterans. Capable of changing their momentum with what they know best and that is DEFENCE. Look for DETROIT to play a game where they are desperate for a win. We all know they cant sleep for a couple days. They are gonna daydream about stuff they could have done better. They will execute in the final game they are not going down without a fight. We must Prepare. Thank you Pat for sticking to my eight man rotation.




GOOD GAME, GO MIAMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!


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