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July 06, 2018


Italy without gelato: Vegan trip options grow as more people embrace a plant-based lifestyle


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It's illegal to carry a Gelato in CA. I can flick the blade of my large hairy pocket knife open with my thumb faster than a lot of Gelatos I have owned in the past. Are you anywhere near Mexico while staying there in Zitaly?

Colorado trip options also grow as more people embrace a different kind of plant-based lifestyle.

Italy without gelato: Vegan trip options grow as more people embrace a plant-based lifestyle

Somehow, the headline made me think that this article was about coming up with new ways to trip a vegan...

You'll get my gelato when you pry it from my cold, dead, meat eating fingers. I guess vegans don't eat bools either.

@fractalist - cow tripping is like tripping a vegan.

Then who's going to build the Pinocchios?

This is why 9 out of 10 fun loving tourists prefer to vacation in Zitaly. They have gelato, magical potions, spaghetti and bool meat there. We are still awaiting a report on the beer.

"Dave Barry's Guide to Zitaly"

Q. What is the most obnoxious thing on earth?

A. A vegan playing an accordion while riding on a recumbent bicycle.

@Elmo--The second most obnoxious thing on earth would be an Italian vegan circus clown playing bagpipes while riding a unicycle. Thankfully, they don't allow these things in Zitaly.

Hmm. We could make it worse by making him a mime!

Speghetti with Tofu bools. Maybe the Pope can declare it one of those cardinal or mortal or venal kinda sins, 'cause it sure is a crime against humanity.

Seriously, if you get a chance to order spaghetti with clams, do it.

Pogo — don’t forget to order the clams “al di fuori del esorcismo”

Stop calling me Seriously! My name IS Surely....

Is Gelato still making puppets that come to life ? I loved that movie.

Send a cow Vegan on a trip--a one-way trip.

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