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July 04, 2018


Like, woof.

(Thanks to Michael P.)



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As intoxication goes, a reasonable alternative to drinking from the toilet.

That's extracted from the caninebitch plant, if I'm not mistaken.

I remember Cheech and Chong smoking a Maui Wowie joint with some Labrador in it. The dog ate their stash so they recovered it in a plastic bag so it wouldn't go to waste. Recycling can have it's benefits if you're a stoner.

Mine is happy enough hiding in the basement under something.

We had fireworks last night. My Boxer, Zoey, turned into a lap dog and sat on me until it was all over. She weighs almost 50 lbs.

"Dude! That's my paw!"

Or as they say here in Minnesota, 'Woof Da'

A panicking beagle mix wishes I had completed my weed card application.

CBD-Infused Dogs opened for David Bowie during the controversial first post-Ziggy year.

Before CDB:

Lassie, hows life? "Ruff!":

After CDB:

Lassie, hows life? [Lassie licks the heck out of you, which in stoner talk MIGHT be "I love you, man!"]

Also this "Think girl, Timmy's in trouble, but where?"
Lassie smiled and falls asleep.

I remember a political cartoon (maybe by Mike Luckovich?) from many years ago:

Somebody: "Lassie! Timmy's down the well!"
Lassie: "Where the @#$%&! is my Prozac?"

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