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June 12, 2018


Woman who sued lawyer for misdirected pasta throw is awarded more than $85K

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, who says "Misdirected Pasta just got a contract to do Papa John's commercials.")


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You can take my pasta from my cold, stiff, hands.

She suffered a concussion? Was the pasta al dente?

The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster had no comment.

The Reformed Pastafarians, however, denounced the violence as a totally inappropriate way to commune with starch.

VERY al dente, Cindy.

I believe I saw them open for Meat Loaf.

This would have been a terrible precedent for The Three Stooges.

Pasta Flinging Lawyers: America's exciting answer to curling. A new series coming soon on the Pastafarian Channel.

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