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May 15, 2018


Traffic signs outside Montgomery County Home Depot has motorists shaking their heads

(Thanks to Al Barkafski, who says: "Like, NOW!")


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They should of seen that one a mile away.
Now that it's in the news, they half to fix it.

Sign amended:
Incoming traffic
has right away

Technically, the corrected sign would still be wrong. One never has right of way, but one often has to yield right of way.

Mr. Language Person would have prevented this.

I think we're off-shoring our safety signs. How about "Light fuse and right of way".

"Keep left >" is another sign from the same company.

The employee says:
"Me fail inglish? Thats unpossible!"

Very near where I live are two of my favorite signs:

"CD's"and "Taco's"

Some years ago, I saw a sign in a store window, "Food Stamps Excepted." I guess they didn't accept them?

Thank Goodness that wasn't the Montgomery County in my state!

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