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March 13, 2018


Women With Bigger Butts Are Smarter And Healthier, Study Says

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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The downside of having a big butt is their possibility of exploding.

Didn't Bill Clinton marry Hillary because of her brains? You would think He would have learned before exploitating Monica's huge mind.

Definite "bigger."

A friend wants to know.

Okay I will go with that. (ha)

And Alan Zweibel's enormous head and it's relation to butt study ?

Science really does get to the bottom of it all.

Can you spot the Word Of The Day in the study's title?

Gluteofemoral body fat as a determinant of metabolic health.

Also, they live longer than men who can't lie.

So what do us guys say to "Do these pants make me look big" ?

Does this comment make my butt look big?

So Kim Kardashian is an immortal genius?

@LeDud: "No, dear, they make you look smarter and healthier!"

Sir Mix-a-lot said they can't be denied.

@caffeinejunkie - no, it I'm sure she's very stable.

Old but true - women with big butts live longer than men who mention it.

"Fats where it's at'

Butts are big right now.

No kidding, and they are getting bigger.

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