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March 12, 2018


Deadly ‘parsnip’ that can KILL humans with ONE bite found in UK

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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Deadly Parsnip toured with Electric Prunes.

Send that plant to Australia.

Another reason to never touch a fresh vegetable.

Next on the SyFy channel:


Parsnips have teeth?

Following Burt Mackin's good suggestion (there's a movie here someplace) maybe Netflix can come out with a mini-series: "Attack of the Killer Parsnips."

I assume regular parsnips have to bite several times to make a kill.

Parsnips can bite humans? Yikes.

This is Cicuta, or Water Hemlock, which is not the same plant as Poison Hemlock or the Hemlock Tree. It also grows in North America, but is a plant of freshwater wetlands that you don't expect to find in the ocean, or as the story notes, on cliffsides.

I suspect the misidentification is a problem mainly in the UK, where they consider parsnips to be food, presumably eaten with Marmite.

The Oregon Department of Transportation suggests piling them up and using explosives

Aren't parsnips carrots with tuberculosis? How can the news be worse?

I wonder how these compare with black mambas ?

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