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March 07, 2018


Batman University

"Save the Youngs" 

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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Where are all the 'real' courses? like:

Batcave Cleaning 101

Managing Your Batphone and Temptation to use a Cell

Keeping Your Sidekick Happy

A PhD degree is also offered in:
The Care and Feeding of Robins.

Horizontal Wall Climbing 101 is already filled.

Save the Youngs / A conference on drugs and bonsai
23 December 2014 Tuesday

Uhh .. looks like someone has nabbed their webmaster because their
Activities page hasn't been updated since Dec. 2014.

Are classes held in the Batcave?
Do you get to ride in the Batmobile?

Worst part is that The Riddler writes all the final exams. And Catwoman took gender studies, Goes by Catperson with a personal pronoun of zee and wears gray XXXL sweatclothes.

So... no longer wears a catsuit, eh?

The butler attended here:


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