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February 14, 2018


This Woman Says She Lives With 1,000 Cats

(Thanks to Allen at Division, who says "Gentlemen, she's available.")


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*Hard to Believe*--but--her name is NOT Pussy Galore.

"here Kitty Kitty!"

"This is NOT the cathouse you are looking for. Try Nevada."

I can smell it through the internet.

Hard to believe she's single.

Best quote "I love cats because they’re independent, they’re beautiful and graceful"

If the cats were truly independent they wouldn't be freeloading in her home.

She may be available, but that is more pussy than most men can handle.

Yes, I'm ashamed of myself.

Florida has unwanted Burmese Pythons she can care for. They would also reduce her cat population. Win -Win,

I'd hate to scoop all those litter boxes. She lives in a trailer and the cats live in the house?

Also, we're gonna need more Febreze.

The cats have "Hungry Eyes" playing on an endless loop.

As my friend said, if only she'd stopped at 999.

We only have two cats, three boxes, and litter box duty is pretty much an on-going, 24 hour a day task. Add 998 cats to this equation, and I'd be over my scooping limit, for a lifetime.

I like her. She's turned weirdness into niceness. We need more good weird, bravo!

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