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February 07, 2018


Coffee Table Leg Became Weapon Following Group Sex In Brooklyn


(Thanks to Drew)


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Coffee table legs should not be allowed to have group sex in Brooklyn or anywhere else.

Damn Skippy.

What happened to the fourth?

To steal a joke from a Late Show Top Ten list: "Wanna get lathed?"

"Autoplay"? Not really in the group spirit, is that?

The afterglow doesn't last too long, does it?

When table legs are outlawed only outlaws will have table legs. Stock up on table legs while you still can.

Youse guys ain't got no better weapons in Brooklyn? Damn hipsters.

My coffee table leg registration and control bill will put a stop to all of this.

You can have my table leg when you pry it from my cold, dead hands...after the orgy, that is.

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