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February 13, 2018


What British sports look like to the rest of us.


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He bowled a googly! That's a sticky wicket.

Monty Python's
Silly Olympics

Well struck! Spot on!

"The difference between American sports and other country's sports is that when we have a world championship we invite other countries to compete"
John Cleese

There were MANY chances for a crickshaw timbly-wicket, but they opted for the Mahoney slow board figgle-swap instead! Even a twombly run at the end of a quarter turn leap behind makes more sense. Board play instead of sqweeking the drombly was outstanding!! BRAVO CHAPS!

Golf meets curling meets horseshoes. I say, is that the sun setting, Nigel?

That is a quite good nimzy-swittle in the third half-quarter.

Yes, we've seen that before. And the referee does nothing.

Maybe they should up the difficulty — try it in kilts.

Since when did Britian get sports?

I'll stick to full contact golf (Australian rules of course).

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