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January 31, 2018


Today is National Gorilla Suit Day.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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As soon as I saw the heading I thought, "Someone's ripping off Don Martin" (MAD's Maddest Artist as they called him). It was a story in a MAD paperback entirely devoted to Martin. It made me laugh like a maniac. But I was glad to see, when I clicked on the link, that Martin is given proper credit.

Clarence Beeks (Trading Places) set the gold standard.

Go bananas?

Time for a ROBOT MONSTER/KONGA film festival.

Don’t wear a gorilla suit into the bank. Unless you are really into wearing costumes and being handcuffed

Thank God for our constitution which preserves for us such iconic rights as voting,freedom of speech and assymbly, and the right to wear gorilla suits.

@ Jeff Meyerson--What a great idea for a film festival to accompany Gorilla Suit Day. ROBOT MONSTER was a great stinker made even better by MST3K. MONSTER GORILLA (2014) could be added as the maddest of the mads, Dr. Vornoff has an ape with a human brain lusting after a captive beauty.
How could films like these not catch on and cause people to go bananas over this festival?

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