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January 11, 2018


What's sending mysterious repeating fast radio bursts in space?

(Thanks to Steve K., who says "I'm thinking Hendrix, Janet, Bonham, Entwhistle...")


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#Metoo has a wider reach than we thought.

We need a better interstellar spam filter.

A physicist friend who works at Los Alamos said the message has been decoded. It's from an alien race coming to serve man. We should all look forward to their arrival.

Intergalactic Taco Bells.

The International Space Station. They are out of T.P....

Intergalactic buttdials. Ignore them.

It's Casey Kasem with the Universe's Top 40!

Actually, Dave has described this phenomena before, in "Message from the stars", involving the melody from the choral song "Air Ball".


(Thanks to Steve K., who says "I'm thinking Hendrix, Janet, Bonham, Entwhistle...") Woops, should have been Janis, of course.

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