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January 06, 2018




(Thanks to Al Barkafski, Steven Pudlo, Redwing, Patty Villanova and Roberto)


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Meh. I've seen a bass mounted to a wall that does even more.

That way you know it’s fresh

Local markets in Wuhan, PRC, had really fresh fish. Eating the eyes was a delicacy

Now offering Live Fried Bass for a limited time.

I expected the fish to start singing the menu.

Something like this happened in Douglas Adam's Restaurant At The End Of The Universe where the cow came to table and pointed out it's choice cuts to the diners before heading to the kitchen.

It's a Norwegian Blue fish. 'E was just resting. Or maybe just froze and fell of the tree in Florida.

More about fish, seroiusly.
I visited China many times, 10 maybe, for longer time (2-6 weeks, work), and ate with my Chinese coworkers, so I ate fish cooked completely whole, with head, fins, entrails, etc. By the way there is a speciality called "fish entrails souce", and fried fish lips, and fried jellyfish, and seaslugs, and sea cucumbers, etc. After a few days I decided not to ask any more what am I eating. If it tastes OK, I will eat this. My wife, or my mom, never heard a word of complain about cooking. I am A Man With an Iron Stomach.

You should have seen the one that got away!

Fish: " What a day I've had ! "

And you thought the Chinese Turkey was traumatic.

With that many lives, it must have been a cat fish.

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