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January 26, 2018


Would you buy a £39 VAGINA highlighter?

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Leave it to Dave to keep us in the know. Can't imagine spending money on such products though. (ha)

A Sharpie would be cheaper...

Does that price include the....
Nahhh, never mind, I've gotten in enough trouble this week.

'Women are clamoring for beautiful skin for the bikini area ....'

I never knew clamors could be this quiet.

(Also, *Snork* @ subtle use of "clamor")


39 pounds is one heavy highlighter...

"It's at Harvey Nick's? Of course we'll buy it."

--Patsy & Edina

Adding a fake eyelash makes it really stand out.

I think thigh liner is nice also.

"...with many women feeling particularly alarmed over the concept of the highlighter, which is designed to give 'luminous heightened glow to the V area'."

Batteries included? Just a glow; no flashing modes or choice of colors or patterns? Merry Christmas!

Two questions:
1) How much did that model get paid to lie there for the whole promo, just to get one small dab that may or may not have been applied to the "V" ?
2) Did anyone else expect porn music to start playing?

Reminds me of the joke where the lady inadvertently used glitter spray instead of feminine deodorant spray before going to the gyno.

Products from people who have spent too much time in solitary.

“Long as I can see the light”...
”Blinded by the light”...
”You light up my life”...
“Light my fire”...

I thought it was a "FlashLighter". It would be a dangerous thing, unless you have a cigar.

Somehow I was just picturing a traditional fat yellow marker.

Well, my Mother's Day shopping problems are now solved!


Well, as the article says, it is a gap in the market that is very much needed.

Better than just underlining the good bits, I suppose.

If anyone desires assistance in applying this product, I will be glad to lend a hand...or two. I would consider it my civic duty in America's ongoing efforts at urban beautification.

Reminds me of the glow-in-the-dark watches back in the '50's. Hopefully it's not uranium that provides the glow. So, if it's dark in the bedroom....kind of like a landing light?

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