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January 30, 2018


Tractor trailer loaded with celery overturns on Interstate 81 in Wythe County

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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A truck loaded with peanut butter is on the way.

Too bad it wasn't kale.

Celery causes distracted driving and other disasters.

Are they going to do a root cause analysis?

Breaking News: Kim Jong Un immediateluy issued a statemnt saying, 'this would never happen under his watch because his county has no celery or food of any kind for that matter' then threatened take breast milk from babies to feed his army if anyone called him 'a crazy fat kid' again.

We're gonna need more spinach dip.

Aaah. Celery, the only food that contains less calories than it takes to hunt, gather, prepare, eat and.. let's just say, digest. The perfect diet food.

Sounds like an Art Frahm fantasy.

Two hearty snorks to Mr. Davuco...

Somewhere there's a whole bunch of egg salad that will never be ruined.

Along with the other suggestions...what about a barrel or two of bloody mary mix and vodka, of course.

The truck underwent rapid decelerazation.

This will be remembered as one of the loneliest accident sites in memory. Not a single person wanted to pick up any free spillage, making it a tie with the kale truck rollover of 2015.

Good. I hate celery.

Thank you Ralph. That was a most informative source of information about the effects of celery on loose elastic. I sense a PhD is in this for someone.

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