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January 18, 2018


Frenchman comes eye to eye with horror toilet python

(Thanks to Zeus Marcos)

We saw Horror Toilet Python open for the Clash.


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That's the kind of detail and classy writing only the British gutter press can provide.

I saw The Todger Biters open for The Sex Pistols, by the way.

Retreat !


And again with the todgers -- it's an epidemic!

Run away!
Bam! (slams head against closed door)

Most Frenchmen would have farted in the snakes general direction as he ran out the door.

The Hollywood Producers Guild has renamed itself the “Los Angeles Todgers.”

The Artful Todger was featured in a Tale of Two Pythons...?

funny man--I remember the Tale of Two Pythons. It was a twisted tale with a biting ending.

I wouldn't call that "eye to eye."

One-eyed spitting cobra meets 2-eyed squeezy python.

Artful Todger was in Dicken's Twist. Ow!

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