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January 20, 2018


Four sacked after Macsween’s haggis factory blunder

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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When it comes to meat, there's just no fiddling around.

Didn't they open for Rod Stewart or The Bay City Rollers?

How would you know that a haggis was ruined? Sort of like how do you tell if sour cream has gone bad?

That's an offal mistake.

Scrolling down the article to the comments and as I read I wondered are these people for real?

I used to believe haggis was a tale made up to scare children--"Eat your spinach or the haggis will get you."
Now I'm beginning to believe not only is haggis real, but that also some people actually eat the stuff. Yikes!

BTW, 655321---I think when sour cream goes past the expiration date it turns fresh.

In other news, some haggis has actual meat in it...

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