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December 06, 2017


ALMOST 200 passengers aboard one of the world’s biggest cruise liners have been struck down by diarrhoea and a vomiting bug after indulging in a buffet with unlimited booze.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Must have been one of those 'y'all can't eat' buffets.

I hope they figure out what caused all this.

Send them to Washington.

Yessiree... Nothing like getting the stomach flu and then bring rocked back and forth... Back and forth... Back and forth...

@stix.. I am getting dizzzzzy just by reading this.

Reason #4,872 I'm not getting on one of Royal Caribbean's megaships. Mrs. wanderer and I are quite happy with the older Grandeur of the Seas, out of Baltimore.

5000 passengers and crew and if just one person does not properly wash their hands then it's all over now Baby Blue.

Will the ship have to make an unscheduled stop in Billings, Montana?

Phenergan shots for everyone!

You don't have to take an expensive cruise to enjoy the same experience. Order a large Chuck E. Cheese extra greasy pizza, buy a case of Bud Lite and a Manilow DVD.
Once you are home and in your recliner, eat, drink and watch the DVD. If you are in a hurry for 'the cruise effect' to kick in, follow Stix advice and start rocking back and forth... back and forth....
You will save a ton of money and never leave dry land.

If Stixnstonz and Le Petomane don't stop the "rocking back and forth" talk, somebody's going to get hurt!
Every time I think about going on a cruise either somebody gets thrown overboard, the boat sinks, or everybody onboard gets sick. I'm sticking to dry land.

How much do you tip your cabin boy after blowing chunks ?

Le Petomane - Of course, if you're in an even greater hurry, you can skip right to the DVD.

Just remember it's "back and forth... Back and forth... Back and forth..."

"Side-to-side..." just makes it seem like you're enjoying the music.

Ovation of the Heaves!

Never have, never will.

*SMACKS* Stixnstonz.

DC on the high seas.

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