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December 07, 2017


Cape Coral woman adopts wild iguana when it was a baby, has since been attacked by it twice

(Thanks to B'game, who says "Gotta love the part about the lizard in her bra.  Betcha she doesn’t have a boyfriend!")


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1-9. She doesn't.

Karma chameleon

I guana know why she thought this was a good idea.

Jub-Jub No!

Jason Fox never had this problem in FoxTrot.

On her way home from the emergency room, she stopped by a bookstore and bought a book titled "101 Ways To Serve
Iguana." It was NOT a book from the animal care section.

I bet she has a cuddly bear in her basement.

This is what happens when a crazy cat lady doesn't have a bunch of cats.

Fire up the barbecue!

Knock, knock...
Who's there?
Iguana who?
Iguana rip your face off...

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