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December 06, 2017


Employees smash Chuck E. Cheese's head in with a sledgehammer after final show

(Thanks to Ralph)


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There is some really strange fan fiction involving Chuck Entertainment Cheese animatronic characters. I understand why the critters would not be allowed to be available to the public.

I blame Trump.

I don't think sledge hammering the mascot reflects the franchise's spirit. Automatic weapons would have been a better fit. And then stuff the body up in one of those giant hamster tunnels.

What makes this different from any other day?

I think throwing the mascot into a roaring brush chipper would have been a lot more fun for all.

I think Tim Wilson said it best in his iconic song, "Chuck E Cheese Hell".
"The band sucks and the pizza's cold,
and you eat it with a slobbering four year old
in Chuck E Cheese Hell".

If news breaks regarding sledgehammers spotted at Hooters post video link if available. HiDef preferable.

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