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December 05, 2017


Landlord insists pub’s Santa’s Dick pudding ‘fills a hole in lady’s dessert market’

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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We may not have to shred the Constitution yet, after all.

Here is a chef who can expect, at best, a very small lump of coal in his Christmas Stocking.

Looking at that last pic, I'd say that Santa's Dick, while girthy, looks a little dried out.. IYKWIMAITTYD

I refuse to respond to humor at the 7th grade level. OK I couldn't think of anything.

Yes... it's often much easier to generate humor at the 7th grade level than it is to respond to it.

Okay, I make this dessert every Christmas only I call it mincemeat pudding. You will never get me to admit that it is my absolute favorite Christmas dessert though.

"The Dog in a Doublet pub are also offering up Rudolph’s Dick on their festive menu, which contains cherries."

Wait, what?

Hoyt Axton had a song called Della and the Dealer and the Dog As Well." I don't think "Della and the Pudding and the Dog as Well" has the same ring to it.

Excellent. Without dicks like this I'd have nothing to be outraged over.

"This dick is massive now. You go to to the supermarket and see Aunt Bessie is doing dick, you know, people are loving it."

Sounds like something a porno producer would say.

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