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December 05, 2017


A Lewiston, Idaho man used a shotgun shell blank to scare off a package thief.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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I'm pretty sure the shell was in a shotgun when it went off...

He'll be the one the others won't want to stand next to in a line up.

First, can't tie a string around a shell and make it go off. Shoddy writing. Pretty sure he did either this or made one out of a mousetrap. Lots of videos.

He'll be back, now that he knows it was just a blank.

Might set up a super flash or strobe to blind the perp and then hold him until police arrive.

Dye pack. Just tell the police to grab the purple guy running (with your package).

Not related but FYI;
When I was working for an I.T. company supporting a local Bank I got a call to replace a defective hard drive, the bank manager had called in to say that the replacement had arrived onsite.
I went to the bank and was handed a package by the manager. When I opened the package, much to my surprise I found it did not contain a replacement hard drive, instead it contained a half dozen dye packs. I gave the package back to the manager who could not stop apologizing for the mistake. Just another day in IT-land.

And this is why UPS drivers defecate in people's yards.

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