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December 05, 2017


Drivers keep hitting large rock in suburban Calgary parking lot

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Perhaps the drivers were stoned.

@clankie - Canada is going to legalize marijuana as of July next year. July 1 (Canada Day) is going to be a very smokey celebration.

In the Canadian version of the game, Rock, Paper, SUVs, the Rock wins over SUV and the paper covered it. Can you smell it?

In their defense, the drivers figured that after being hit three or four times, the rock would decide to move.

Maybe if they weren't hopped up on maple syrup and Canadian bacon, there wouldn't be so many accidents!

Somebody spiked the water supply with stupid powder again.

A self-service dispenser of Florida licenses will be installed on the site.

Obviously the automotive version of the Calgary Stampede. You need at least eight seconds on the rock.

The first person to hit this rock was retired Exxon ship's captain, Joe Hazelwood. He explained with a shrug, "Thing's like this just happen. Blame the flipping rock."

Soon to be a Lifetime movie: "The Rage Of The Rock".

Just carve it into a southern civil war general and all problems solved.

I doubt it will be long before this incident gives the movie people an idea for a Re-make of Bad Day At Black Rock. They could incorporate nursecindy's great title. All they will have to work in is saving a bunch of little kids at an orphanage from a forest fire, hiding a friendly space alien from the Air Force and they would have a new hit series.

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