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December 05, 2017


Boot-headed candidate can bring ponies to Clinton event

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I'm glad we still have a Constitution.

I'm also glad we have shovels to clean up after the ponies.

Next stop: President Supreme!

It's refreshing to have a presidential candidate we can understand. Great job getting the ponies. Possibly a graphic artist could graft the rear end of a donkey to the rear end of an elephant. Then Vermin Supreme could use the picture with the slogan; "Vermin Supreme, the Best of Both Parties."

I am affraid that the ponies would not read the constitution, most like they would eat it.

Perhaps I'm a bit jaded but I can't help but wonder how congress would implement the free pony policy. I could easily imagine :

1) free food, boarding, and training for the horses of the rich (and 2brich)
2) a virtual pony for the poor that works as well as our virtual wall to the south
3) free bs for the middle class but if you opt out then you have to pay a ponycare penalty.
Hmmm... I've managed to depress myself...

If he's going to be around politicians he should definitely have those on his feet.

Good. We need more serious candidates like this.

It's not suprising he won. His lawyer, Marc Randazza, is in a class by himself when it comes to free speech and political expression. Even his scholarly work displays an unmistakble je ne sais pas, which is lawyer talk for a paper that "manages to include an academic discussion of 'Cumfiesta', 'Screw You', 'Nut Sack Ale', and Japanese porn being stolen in Taiwan."

I didn't realize this blog had professional employees.

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