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October 11, 2017


Man gets T-Mobile logo on his arm to score a free iPhone

(Thanks to B'game)


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I’d hold out for an iPhone X.

"You do know they're being taken over by Verizon, right? What then?"

"Then? It will turn into my tribute to Mr. T, OK?"

Let's see how excited he is when the 8.1 is released next week.

wanderer2575 has this one nailed. By the time his arm is healed not only will his "new" phone be obsolete, but T-Mobile could also be owned by some Indonesian company.

The other letters, "DIMWI" will be applied later.

Man Overgrown toddler gets T-Mobile logo on his arm to score a free iPhone.


If T-Mobile goes out of business he can always claim to be a Tennessee Volunteers fan.

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