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October 12, 2017


Van driver stopped for carrying excessive amount of cheese

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Was it Wensleydale?

Well, I had always heard that cheese led to excessive weight...

That calls for tar and feathers, at least.

I saw Excessive Cheese open for every pop* band or singer of the 60s and 70s.

* Not to be confused with rock or blues.

In Texas this would be a hanging offense.

Might as well shred England’s Constitution. Once they wrote one, that is.

So,if the driver cut the cheese, how did the road police verify this? Don't think a breathalyzer was made for such odors.

Starting in about 8 hours, things will be backed up for miles!

Cheese narcs?

I *knew* this couldn't be a Wisconsin story...

I don't care how f*****g runny it is, hand it over with all speed.

Most hospitals can tell you "horror" cheese stories.

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