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October 12, 2017


Man Tries to Avoid Paying for His Sandwich by Calling in a Bomb Threat

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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I like the accompanying idea: Fun things to do in Pittsburgh

Gut bomb ?

Primanti Brothers is the place where they put fries on every sandwich, whether you want them or not.

I have eaten at Primanti Brothers. Their sandwiches are da bomb.

Sorry, we don't accept WMD's.

I gotta try that. "Bomb threat? That means my sandwich is free, right?"

Did he Google that idea?

I know a restaurant like that, Jeff. But they put flies on every sandwich, whether you want them or not.

I bet this guys a crummy tipper too.

"Yes, sir, I realize that your coupon says, 'Free Double-Meat with any order on Two-fer-Tuesdays' ; however, if you read the fine print, it also says "May not be combined with any other offer, including Free Side Item, or bomb threat.'"

In the Graystone Hotel where he will be staying, maybe he'll be served a double mystery meat sandwich every Saturday.

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