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October 13, 2017


Black-cat-wearing-white-panties underwear appears in Japan with extra-long crotch fur

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Extra Long Crotch Fur broke up in 1970.

Cleveland, is that you??

Makes it easier to grab them by the...(Oh, nevermind - Who would say such a thing?!)

@Styxnstonz--Harvey Weinstein?

Japan's answer to this?

Just in time for the Annual Holiday Gift Giving Guide. If it is too late for the gift guide, it's never too soon to start thinking about Mother's Day.

"hey kids leave that cat alone" was wisely deleted from the final versions of Pink Floyd's "The Wall".

Hey, match the drapes and carpet. What kind of feng shui is that?

Wsn't Extra Long Crotch Fur one of the 80s hair bands? Their songs included "Sick Kitty", "Hock One Up", and their biggest hit: "Furballs".

Oh so disturbing. On so many levels. I ordered three pair for myself.

Multiple layers of warmth and meaning:

I got your meaning RIGHT HERE!

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