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October 11, 2017


A new video shows a Dubai police officer testing out the new hoverbike, which has rotors instead of wheels that allow it to fly.

(Thanks to Geoff)


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Most impressive are the 4 unshrouded propellers. What could possibly go wrong?

"Buzzing the crowd" takes on new meaning, Marc.

"I need back up, now."

"We only have one, Al-Einstein."

"Ruh-Roe!" said Astro, as Jetson fell to the ground because he ran out of fuel.

What an easy target he would make.

Wait'll Marty McFly gets hold of one of these.

I want one.

Excellent vehicle choice for a country that's about 98% sand and dust.

Attention Dubai thought-leaders:

Do NOT connect it to the internet.

Excellent for crowd control.

This is really more of a four bladed one cop flying crowd chopper. Literally.

When pigs fly?

This adds a whole new dimension to crowd control.

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