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October 11, 2017


Cowboys fan suffers third-degree burns putting on flaming Dallas jersey after loss to Packers

(Thanks to fotoman)


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Florida Man strikes again!

Hey dere, youse gotta control de flame better if youse gonna be a Wisconsin grillmaster, doncha know? Flameups like that are bad for the brats.

How 'bout dem Packers, eh?

Go Pack Go!

Senseless tragedy. Why couldn't it have been a Vikings fan? *sob*

Incredibly, alcohol was involved.

So the drunk man was surrounded by friends and family when he decided to put on a flaming jersey. And they let him do that, without trying to offer caution? It seems like the man himself was not the only one whose judgement was impaired beyond rational thinking. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Nice one, Pad!

And yeah, even the girlfriend decided she didn't want to stop him. Sounds like a keeper...

NurseCindy would've treated him well in her ER. "Does this hurt you idiot ?".

"How about them Cowboys!"

A lot of drunk Cowboy fans get the flaming jersey question wrong on the IQ test.

Anyone want to bet that before he put on that flaming jersey he said:
"Hold my beer and watch this."

He missed his opportunity for a Darwin Award. SAD!!!!

Pad- Sadly, I grew up a Vikings' fan. Suffered for over 40 years. But since the lobotomy, I am content to watch reruns of Murder She Wrote instead. Much less aggravating, and almost as much scoring.

Which Kardashian said "He looks so-o-o hot!"?

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