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October 12, 2017


Pinellas Park man Googled 'how to rob a bank' then robbed a bank

(Thanks to James Flynn and Ralph)


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Did he have a gub?

Next time, Google how to get away with it.

If you ask Siri, she provides links to a number of useful videos.

Don’t be logged in to the bank’s free WiFi when you ask. Just don’t.

Jeff's right -- also how to delete your history successfully.

Utilities, rent and a drug binge in that order?

Might also want to Google: "inexpensive defense strategies for the obviously guilty" and "getting along with your new cellmate on a long-term basis"

He probably looked at the top return which was actually a paid add placed by the FBI.

Our criminals is indeed getting smarter.--said no one.

Some criminals once pulled off a kidnapping based on a Donald Westlake book. Then the perps went to a bar, got drunk blowing the ransom money,started bragging and were arrested. When Donald heard about this, he said, "they should have paid me to write how they got away with it."

funny man is right; most criminals are born stupid and then start losing ground.

You're saying he read something on the Internet that wasn't accurate?

manual tomato - That was my first thought also. His cellmates are gonna laugh at him in lockup.

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