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October 13, 2017


"Cleveland, is that you?" the report said one of the victims asked the suspect during the robbery. "No, it’s not me," the suspect reportedly replied.


(Thanks to Suzie Q Wacvet)


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I look forward to his plea of “I’m not me” in court

Sadly, I think the genius awards have all been distributed.

No more callers, please. We have our Criminal Mastermind of the Week.

Reminds me of when my brother was a lawyer and he was defending a guy accused of holding up a book store. His defense was the old "wasn't there don't know nothin'" story.
My brother told him that it looked like one of the cashiers was pretty sure it was him, and he said, "Oh, you mean the blonde chick with the curly hair?"

Cleveland tries the Jedi mind trick with limited success.

Whatchewtalkinbout, Willis??
3-5 probably..

No one here but us chickens!

Geezer alert...


Setting. Christmas Eve family gathering, around 1960.

Main Characters: Santa, Uncle Arnie and five year old Cousin Tina. Large gathering of random family members.

Scene around midnight:

Santa enters through front door attired in full red costume and giant white beard carrying a bag of toys...

Santa, "Ho, Ho, Ho MERRY CHRISTMAS."

Tina, "Hi Uncle Arnie."

Now I'll improvise and listen to some linked Jazz, and thank you. Happy Holidays. Have an unforgettable one.

All the little cons with their ski masks on go, "Cleveland rocks!", "Cleveland rocks!"

"Cleveland, is that you?" sounds like it was written for The Family Guy.

A co-worker told me about growing up with a guy named "One-eyed Clyde" owing to the fact that Clyde had only one eye. A local store was robbed at gunpoint, and the clerk described the robber as "Wearing a ski mask that had a hold for only one eye,"

Clyde wondered how the cops found him so rapidly....

The weed of crime bears stupid fruit.

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