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October 12, 2017


Woman charged with assault after reportedly squeezing officer's testicles during arrest

(Thanks to funny man)


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Judging from her mugshot, she seems pretty pleased with herself. She took lessons from Harvey Weinstein.

No, the police ball was last month!

Maybe the squirrels taught her to go for the nuts? :P

That's an old story, Judi.

Bye bye.

Doesn’t the woman usually charge the man for that sort of thing? I get so confused...

Jeff- It could be possible it was the same cop and same gal, different day. They might enjoy their little get-togethers?

In my country is is just a friendly gesture.

Being arrested can be an anxiety-inducing experience. She was just reaching for the nearest stress ball.

Headbanger and ball squeezer on a joyride. Boy, isn't chemicals great?

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