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September 09, 2017


Family of 17 trapped inside remote ski lodge after enormous avalanche in New Zealand say they're in no rush to be rescued

(Thanks to Wolverine)


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Interestingly, my father has traveled to all seven continents. I have not been to Australia or New Zealand, myself, though he has been to both places.

I really miss John Clarke.

How is Brian Dawe doing these days?

What about the . . . TOILET PAPER SUPPLY!!??

If I was trapped in a remote ski lodge with 17 of my family members, I'd grab a shovel and get to work. There isn't enough wine in all of New Zealand to keep me from hurting somebody.

There was no mention a supply of food. But they could take a lesson from the Donner Party and solve that gnawing problem.

He said they had a wee bit of food.

When I think of the Donner Party I recall a t.v. movie (perhaps) where a character named Charlie was begging some of the others to eat him. The only line that came to mind for me at the time was from the Starkist Tuna commercial of that time: "Sorry Charlie."

Will Rogers was fond of saying he never met a man he didn't like.

Was that Donner Party or Dinner Party?
Just askin'....

Why wasn't I invited???

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