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September 09, 2017


Why boozing at your Hurricane Irma party is not a good idea

(Thanks to Steve K)

Related: Hurricane Irma – Passenger ship called ‘Escape’ which fled Miami with 4,000 on board now stranded at sea with ‘unlimited booze’

(Thanks to Ranald Adams)


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Wait. So you're saying that going for a dip in the ocean is NOT a good idea?

'Scuse me. I have to call some people.

OK, the captain, crew and passengers on that ship aren't "stranded at sea with unlimited booze." They're bragging.

Overheard at the party.

"Have one one me Emma you catagoree 15 sumb**ch."

Wait, being alert is a good thing?

What's a lert and why would I want to be one?

Hold ma beer and watch this. I can grab this tree and the wind will lift me off the ground.

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