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September 13, 2017


Our power came back. Thankyou thankyou thankyou Florida Power and of course Light. But mainly Florida AIR CONDITIONING.


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Good; you can finally use your electric lentil catapult.

Much Boogie Thanks is in order.

One important American beauty show of ageless tradition you likely missed was the Miss America Pageant. That's where young women prep for future on air journalists jobs at FOX News in hopes of suing some rich anchor man for sexual harassment and making it big.

Things are looking up!

By the way, I found these quotes on quotemaster.org:

"Lentils are friendly -- the Miss Congeniality of the bean world." (Laurie Colwin)

"A square egg in a dish of lentils won't make a marrow bend with the wind, nor will it make rhubarb grow up the milkmaid's leg." (Les Dawson)

"The person who knows one thing and does it better than anyone else, even if it only be the art of raising lentils, receives the crown he merits. If he raises all his energy to that end, he is a benefactor of mankind and its rewarded as such." (Og Mandino)

"The philosopher Diogenes was eating bread and lentils for supper. He was seen by the philosopher Aristippus, who lived comfortably by flattering the king. Said Aristippus, 'If you would learn to be subservient to the king you would not have to live on lentils.' Said Diogenes, 'Learn to live on lentils and you will not have to be subservient to the king.'" (Anthony de Mello)

"The combination of lentils with rice or bulgur is the absolute height of Levantine comfort food. I could eat it every day." (Yotam Ottolenghi)

Bon appétit!

Great news about the power coming back on! Cold beer always tastes better than warm beer, but either will do in a pinch.

I had a friend once tell me that if you feed lentils to ants, the stuff expands in their digestive tract causing the ants to explode. Likely an urban myth, but you might take an extra 100 pounds or so and sprinkle it on ant beds. If it works, it would be fun drinking COLD beer while listening to ants explode.

I'm so glad your power came back on! Several years ago we had an ice storm and I was without power for 10 days. I cried when it came back on.

Last night, the Good Eats rerun on the Cooking Channel was...lentils.

After a storm, thank a lineman.

According to the National Hurricane Center, there are now two new low pressure areas near the Cape Verde Islands that may become hurricanes. It ain't over 'til it's over.

Get more propane, and hang on to those lentils.

Thank that guy who plays Dave Lennox in the AC commercials.


*breaks into chorus of "Hallelujah"*

Great news Dave! And BTW congrats! You're now a 70 percenter! This mornings news reports that 70% of Miami now has its electric power Restored! Get more propane, beer & jerky! (OH and batteries)

I almost forgot, you should always have several CO2 fire extinguishers hand! Cold beer is only a 'blast' away!

And so the Enterprise returns to the future after a job well done.

Glad that things are starting to get back to normal for you.

Air conditioning and hot showers, too!

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