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September 13, 2017


We're still OK, but still have no electricity (our generator died), phone, Internet, cable TV. We would offer humorous commentary on this state of affairs, but at the moment nothing is coming to mind. So instead we're going to see if we can locate a cold beer.


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slides a cold beer to Dave

And worst of all, your update is in stereo! Firing judi will help bring back some normalcy.

No cable TV may be a Good Thing.

I'm glad all of the Blog household is safe and well. All the other stuff is... just stuff.

We have all of those, including the beer, in NYC.

Just sayin'.

Let's hope the darn propane/pizza delivery guy gets there ASAP.

Here ta go. Prime will get it to ya in a couple days.

They probably have beer too...


Lentils can be processed to create a form of propane, I think. Consume a large quantity and let 'ER rip!

Often, in difficult times, we can find solace and inspiration in the words of famous philosophers;

"Everybody has to believe in something.
I believe I'll have another beer"

Dave, I owe you a 50 ounce CBOYC (Cold Beer of Your Choice).

Just move the Tropic Hunt to California, and I'll deliver it!

That beer is gonna taste goooooood.

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